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Explore the Land Down Under: 10 Awesome Destinations in Australia

Sydney Opera House - green

YOU MAY BE TOO consumed by the idea of going to paradise-like island countries such as Maldives, but hey, Australia is such a huge country for you to miss it. Take a look at the world map once again. Not only huge in land area, this country has a very diverse climate, culture, geography, history, and population — enough reasons for you to include Australia on your bucket list.

1. The Great Barrier Reef

Known to scuba divers worldwide for its rich marine biodiversity, numerous coral species, fish of different sizes and colors, and other kinds of marine life, Great Barrier Reef in Australia is a must-visit as to say it’s worthy of your time and money is an understatement. You better include this in your bucket list. If you are in the Philippines and wanna master scuba diving before going international, check out the Top 5 Diving Sites in the Philippines first.

Australia - Great Barrier Reefs

Australia - Great Barrier Reefs Photo

2. Great Ocean Road

Located in Victoria, the Great Ocean Road stretches along the Southern Ocean. Enjoy the awe-inspiring sight of the limestone rock formation called Twelve Apostles on the site. You can also enjoy world-class surfing at Bells Beach. Is there a happier place than a region that also offers breathtaking views of migrating whales, golden beaches, shipwrecks, national parks, rainforests and fishing villages?

Great Ocean Road

3. Kangaroo Island

Sydney and other major cities in Australia may overwhelm you with their skyscrapers and architectural landscapes, but the country is undeniably rich in natural attraction sites such as those on Kangaroo Island. Obviously, the place is where kangaroo thrives, but it also offers other destinations and attractions such as remarkable rocks, mid-range to luxury accommodation, koalas, echidnas, penguins, sea lions and other local wildlife.

Kangaroo Island

4. Uluru National Park

The land down under is truly a diverse country. At the Uluru National Park, you’ll find different kinds of dragons, geckos, and lizards such as the tiny thorny devil lizards. Formerly called Ayers Rock, Uluru is also a well-known landmark and one of the most photographed attractions in Australia.

Uluru National Park - Image

5. Margaret River Vineyards

If it is your dream to taste wine from a winery in the middle of a vineyard, then you should include Margaret River in your travel list. The region is where you’d find vast plantations of grapes or vineyards. It also boasts hundreds of restaurants and wineries. How about drinking your favorite wine or wines straight from the vineyards while having a beautiful view of the ocean? That’s what Margaret River Vineyards is sure to offer its visitors.

Margaret River Vineyards

Margaret River Vineyards Farm

6. Bondi Beach

A place where you’ll see blond sand and bronzed bodies, Bondi Beach is a haven for both Australians and foreign tourists. It is a great place to beach bum, getting yourself tanned, and enjoy surfing. Bondi beach is also a popular destination for backpackers as they could simply set up their camping tents here. But if you want the convenience of hotels, you have a lot of options as there many types of accommodations near the beach area.

Bondi Beach 1

Bondi Beach Photo

7. Daintree National Park

Located in far North Queensland, the Daintree National Park is a Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. Home to Earth’s most ancient ecosystems, the park is believed to have a spiritual significance in many of its natural features. The park is owned by the Easter Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people.

Daintree National Park

8. Kakadu National Park

Ecologically and biologically diverse, Kakadu National Park is a protected area in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is the continent’s largest terrestrial national park that covers almost 20,000 square kilometres, composed of four major river systems and major landforms. Kakadu National Park is known for remarkable variety and concentration of wildlife.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park - Birds

9. Sydney Harbour Bridge

One of the most famous icons in Australia, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge. The impressive construction, which is also called “The Coathanger” was completed in 1932. It is 500 meters long and rises 1134 meters above the harbor. While the area is a perfect background for your photos, make sure to try the restaurants for a meal or two while enjoying the view of the bridge with your naked eyes.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

10. Sydney Opera House

For many, the Sydney Opera House is the first thing that comes to mind when one mentions Australia. Considered as one of the great architectural icons of the world, and is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the opera house is like giant billowing sails or huge shells. Having a photo with it as your backdrop is obligatory.

Sydney Lights - Australia

Aside from these 10 amazing attraction sites, there are many must-visit destinations in Australia. The others that you may include in your list are Blue Mountains National Park, Melbourne, Fraser Island, Broome and the Kimberly region, and the Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. Make sure to untick these destinations from your bucket list in this lifetime. See you on the road!

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