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‘Barcelona: A Love Untold’ Could Be KathNiel’s Best Movie

STAR CINEMA HAS just released the movie trailer of ‘Barcelona: A Love Untold,’ the newest movie of the couple, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla directed by Olivia Lamasan. Screenwriter Carmi Raymundo (A Second Chance) penned the movie.

‘Barcelona’ is set to hit the Philippine Theater this September, and its trailer is enough reason for KathNiel’s fans to go gaga.

The film is 70 percent shot in Spain’s capital city of Barcelona while the rest in other parts of this European country. Aside from the love angle, the movie also features the beautiful sceneries in the country, and tells the story of the plight of Filipino workers in that side of the world.

With Lamasan’s expertise, I’d like to believe that this would be KathNiel’s best film. If treated properly, and with the help of the couple’s huge following, Barcelona could even surpass the success of ‘Milan,’ which starred Piolo Pascual and Claudine Barreto, and still one of my favorite movies to date.

See the trailer below:


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