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Centennial Garden: First PH necro-tourism site offers Family-friendly Halloween experience


HALLOWEEN IS MORE than just spooky creatures you see in movies, on TVs, and in various events places during this time of the year.

A few hours drive away south of Manila lies the first necro-tourism site in the Philippines — the Centennial Garden in Santa Rosa City, just approximately 15 minutes away from Alabang.

Unlike most family destinations during Halloween, Centennial Garden is real, fun and certainly an educational adventure for everyone.


Together with fellow bloggers, we visited the area sometime in September and see for ourselves the things it could offer. Among the state-of-the-art facilities are the high-pressure sodium light which illuminates and highlights the beauty of the park, the water plaza and water fountain, neatly-landscape lawns lined with Royal and Dates Palm trees.

Centennial Garden has fascinating landscapes, avant-garde facilities, and state-of-the-art amenities. There’s almost no trace of its being a memorial park except for the beautiful, not so ordinary chapels found inside. At one glance, it is not but a glamorous recreation area at par with popular parks here and abroad.

The management said the Centennial Garden has become a hit among the children as it has various sheds and modern playground.



Santa Rosa Mayor Dan Fernandez during his visit at the park said the Centennial Garden, nestled in verdant natural surroundings but is bordered by hallmarks and a touch of modern architecture, “exudes an aura of comfort, serenity, and beauty” making it a place to go to, and the town’s pride.

Upon entering the garden, visitors could instantly feast on its architecture inspired by the Ancient Greece. The main entrance is bordered with familiar Greek gods and goddesses, and some of its facilities and adornments are named after Greek architectural wonders.

An escape from the crowded Metro


Should you plan to escape the metro during the holidays, you need not go further. Just drive your way to the Centennial Garden.

Lhenn Jontongco, Marketing and Communications Officer of the Centennial Garden said the planning of this grand site is anchored on the comfort of its clients. They cater to the needs of clients who have high regard for quality at a competitive price.

“We have spacious parking areas and on the aspect of security, we have round-the-clock security that includes surveillance cameras,” she added.

The Centennial Garden has also efficient drainage system that ensures the safety of its clients and their vehicles as well as clean and modern comfort rooms.

What makes the location great is that it is near the popular tourist destinations in the area, such as the Enchanted Kingdom and the Nuvali. The Centennial Garden is the best stop before going or after going to these popular places in Sta. Rosa,” said Jontongco.

So we won’t be surprised if you choose to go down south if you are planning to go out with your family that long weekend in November. This will surely make your weekend a memorable one.



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