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Gil Cuerva vs Vince Vandorpe as Matteo Do in the Filipino adaptation of ‘My Love from the Star’

Gil Cuerva handsome photo

FILIPINO FANS of the hit 2013 Koreanovela series ‘My Love from the Star’ can no longer wait to know who would be playing Matteo Do, the well-loved lead male character opposite Jennylyn Mercado‘s Steffi Cheon, formerly played by Korean star Jun Ji-hyun.

While Alden Richards was originally cast to play Matteo, negative reactions from the fans of Alden and onscreen partner, Maine Mendoza‘s tandem, #AlDub, seemed to have got in the way for the decision to source out the role instead.


The stars of the Korean series, ‘My Love from the Star,’ Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Soo Hyun.

While the Kapuso network has a lot of good looking artists needing break, no one seems qualified to play the role once played by Korean superstar Kim Soo Hyun. Oh! Except that the handsome hunk Ivan Dorschner is now a Kapuso but he is to star in another project, ‘Meant To Be,’ which is set to start airing in January 2017.

Without a choice, the network went on to looking for the perfect Matteo Do for the fast-rising, multi-awarded Kapuso actress. As of this posting, a few names have emerged. Two of them are Gil Cuerva and Vince Vandorpe.

Gil Cuerva (featured photo) is a Hongkong-based Filipino-Spanish ramp and print model who is being managed by Cornerstone in the Philippines. Cuerva’s similarity to the original Matteo, Kim Soo Hyun is working to his advantage. According to sources, Cuerva was the top choice among those who auditioned for the role in front of GMA executives, Director Joyce Bernal, and Jennylyn Mercado herself earlier this year. There had been initial discussions with Cuerva about this but this remains unofficial until announced. The source also said there are still “issues” with Cuerva’s casting so nothing is final yet.

Gil Cuerva handsome face

Is Gil Cuerva handsome enough to play the role of Pinoy Matteo Do?

This gives a room for fans’ other choices. Some say Eat Bulaga’s My Foreignoy finalist and PBB 737 housemate, Richard Juan could be one of them but I don’t think Juan is good enough for the role. But should the Filipino adaptation decide not to pattern the looks of the Filipino Matteo to Kim Soo Yun, several Pinoy handsome dudes would be on the look out and two of them are the handsome hunks Mark Mcmahon and Vince Vandorpe. But I’d go for the latter as he is fresher than the former when it comes to TV appearances.

Friends with Cuerva, Vandorpe is a Filipino-Belgian commercial and print model who is gaining popularity through his Youtube channel and commercials. With a handsome face, Vandorpe could easily snatch the role. However, the challenge with this hunk is speaking in Filipino but given with proper trainings, he would definitely improve. Vandorpe has a beautiful camera register, both still and video. He is both photogenic and telegenic and could easily become one of the country’s premium faces given with proper packaging. His recent TV commercials include McDonald’s, SMART’s #SugodManny campaign, and PHCare, among others.

Vince Vandorpe hunk My Love from the Star

How about a more Pinoy-looking Filipino-Belgian model Vince Vandorpe?

Vince Vandorpe photo

You want a sexy bod? Vince got it too.

When it comes to acting, both Vandorpe and Cuevas are newbies but there’s where workshops come in. For now, the obvious choice is Cuevas but that would only make this Pinoy version of the show a copycat of the Korean series. Casting a different face like Vandorpe, on the other hand, would make it stand out as Pinoy-made if we can’t totally make it our own.

How about you guys? Who do you want to play Matteo Do? Gil Cuerva or Vince Vandorpe? Let us know in the comments.

With Jennylyn Mercado in the lead however, nothing could go wrong for sure. With that ever-blooming beauty and the acting skills she has, what Jennylyn needs is just a handsome hunk who would fall for her while make her fall in love with him, whether he is from another star or another galaxy.


Jennylyn Mercado plays the role of Steffi Cheon



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  2. Those 2 are models not actors. I hope they will cast an actor at least so fans will have no doubts. A pretty face cannot guarantee success, but let’s see.


    • Yup, but I think no one is born an actor. Most great actors tried it first at modeling before venturing into acting. With proper training, they could be the next big name in showbiz. Let’s give them a chance should they be chosen. Though the casting isn’t final yet and anything could happen until it starts airing. Let’s see.


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