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Miss Supranational 2016 Winners, Highlights

Joanna Eden of the Philippines made it to Top 25 of Miss Supranational 2016.

SATURDAY MORNING (December 3) is one of those few most beautiful mornings for the Filipino pageant fans as they cheer for the Philippines’ Joanna Eden as she vies for the second Miss Supranational crown for the country first won by Mutya Johanna Datul in 2013.

At exactly 3am today (Philippine time), 8pm in Poland where the final competition is being held as of this posting, fans from all over the world unite to witness the crowning of Miss Supranational 2016 at the end of the event. From the 71 contestants from five continents around the world, only five ladies will make it to the finals. Last year’s winner, Paraguay’s Stephania Stegman will crown her successor, Miss Supranational 2016.

Live Updates:

Miss Supranational 2016 winner is India’s Srinidhi Shetty
First Runner-Up: Venezuela
Second Runner-Up: Suriname
Third Runner-Up: Sri Lanka
Fourth Runner-Up: Hungary

Srinidhi Shetty of India is Miss Supranational 2016 winner!

Srinidhi Shetty of India is Miss Supranational 2016 winner!

Srinidhi Shetty of India is Miss Supranational 2016 winner

Srinidhi Shetty of India is Miss Supranational 2016 winner

Completing the Top 10 finalists are Indonesia, Myanmar, Belarus, Poland, and Slovak Republic.

Miss Supranational 2016 Philippines Joanna Eden
Highlights (Live Updates)

The program started with a bang as the ladies were all gorgeous as they hit the ramp in their National Costume, designed by well-known designers from their respective countries. The hosts of the final show did very well in keeping the competition alive. The stage is so gorgeous. I loved every detail of it including the lighting. The sounds? Well, it’s at the same level with the Miss Universe vibe.

The first award, Best in National Costume was given to Vietnam’s Kha Trang for that heavy costume, as emphasized by the presenter.

Prior to the final night, the ladies were judged in various competitions including Swimsuit, Evening Gown, and Miss Internet. The winner of Miss Internet through their Facebook page advances to the Top 25 while the most popular in Mobstar advances to the Top 10.

In the Facebook competition, Philippines’ Joanna Eden is leading with more than 80,000 likes with Miss Peru in the close second. Trailing behind number 3 is Indonesia.

The swimsuit presentation was short but enough for the ladies to showcase their hot sexy bodies.

Miss Supranational 2016 Swimsuit Competition

Miss Supranational 2016 Swimsuit Competition

Joanna Eden of the Philippines at the Miss Supranational 2016 Swimsuit Competition

Joanna Eden of the Philippines at the Miss Supranational 2016 Swimsuit Competition

The evening gown segment followed and it was classy as usual. Very elegant. I am starting to notice Venezuela. She is by far the top contender from South America along with Argentina and Costa Rica. Colombia is not doing well. Mexico is just okay.

Miss Supranational 2016 Evening Gown

Miss Supranational 2016 Evening Gown

Special award winners were announced and they are:

Best Body: Russia’s Vlada Gritsenko
Best in Evening Dress: Romania’s Sinziana Sirghi
Top Model: Argentina’s Wanessa Emiliana De Almeida
Miss Photogenic: Suriname’s Jaleesa Pigot
Belarus’ Polina Pimahina won an award by I need to confirm what it is in our next update.

The Top 25 (semi-finalists) include Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Russia, Philippines, Germany, Rwanda, Brazil, Poland, Paraguay, Japan, Vietnam, India, Venezuela, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama, Belarus, Argentina, Romania, Australia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Myanmar, Slovak Republic, and Suriname.

Miss Supranational 2016 Sports Segment

Miss Supranational 2016 Sports Segment

After the announcement of Top 25, however, came the weirdest part of the competition – the sports segment. I don’t know what the pageant organizers are thinking but presenting such in the final show just cheapened the pageant. Seriously.

The next segment was the announcement of the Top 10 that include Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Hungary, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Belarus, Poland, and Slovak Republic. Then the Top 5 who were ranked according to how they fared during the Question and Answer portion, I must say. In the end, it was Miss India who triumphantly won the second crown for her country. Venezuelan beauty came to a close second while the crowd favorite and my personal choice to win from among the five finalists, Miss Suriname ended as second runner-up. Miss Sri Lanka who I adore for her beauty came in third runner-up while Miss Hungary placed fourth runner-up.

Overall, it was a good pageant though the production faltered in the middle but still managed to have a strong finish. Congrats to all the winners, especially to India’s second crown. Earlier tonight, Miss Supranational 2014, also from India had a lot of exposure. She was part of the board of judges and was one of the presenters in tonight’s pageant. India seems to be enjoying a good relationship with the organizers of Miss Supranational. And with today’s results, it is sure to be going stronger in the coming years.

Till the next pageant, folks!


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