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Pinoy Boyband Superstar Winners Revealed

Pinoy Boyband Superstar Winners

TONIGHT, THE WINNERS of the first Pinoy Boyband Superstar contest at the Kapamilya Network will be revealed. Four out of the six still competing contestants will be named, joining Niel Murillo, the first boyband winner announced last night.

We are live blogging about it and giving live updates on Twitter. The grand reveal, including our thoughts about their individual performances, will be posted in here after every break. So please keep this link live especially if you are away from TV or too busy to check on Twitter every now and then.

Tonight, each finalist will have a solo performance. Fifty percent of the total score will be coming from the judges while the other 50 percent will come from the public’s votes.

Niel Murillo is the first winner of Pinoy Boyband Superstar.

Niel Murillo is the first of the five winners of Pinoy Boyband Superstar to compose the boy band the Kapamilya network is making.

First to perform is Joao Constancia with ‘Twerk it Like Miley.’ It was a so-so performance with an awkward dancing but since Joao looks good on TV and with that ‘swag’ that he has, Joao managed to get the judges’ approval. Vice Ganda, who has been all praises with Joao all throughout said he deserves to be part of the boyband. Judge Yeng Constantino thinks the same. Personally, we don’t have anything against Joao. Indeed, he is an eye candy and that’s necessary for a boy band for whether we like it or not, we want to look at beautiful people. We adore them actually. So, to say Joao doesn’t deserve a spot in this group is hypocrisy.

Second performer is Anthony Labrusca. Physically, Tony is good and he has the talent but tonight’s performance showed that he is not a good fit for the boy band. With his talent however, he definitely have a place in showbiz especially that his father, Boom Labrusca, has managed to have a good connection in the industry already.

Third to perform is Ford Valencia, showing the world that he deserves a spot in the boy band. As always, Ford is charming and could really pull it off aside from the fact that he’s a cutie and could gather giggling girls and gays easily. Ford is the man to beat tonight.

When Mark Oblea started his performance, I know he is not that strong. That was a so-so and he needs a strong backer-judge to make it in. I’ve always been concerned with Mark’s look. He has this callboy-ish aura. His singing ability is not that strong but he has a charm in person that might be fascinating the judges why he’s still in.

Tristan Ramirez makes me question the credibility of the judges. Why he’s still there? I really don’t get it. His singing power is below average and physically, he is not a boyband material. He might be a good fit as a supporting actor to any ABS-CBN teleserye but not for this competition.

If tonight is a solo singing competition, Russell Reyes‘ version of ‘All I Ask’ will make him the ultimate grand champion. That was the performance that made us say, “Oh, this is a show, after all.’ Judges Aga and Yeng just summed it up when they said Russell should be part of the boy band. Aga even went on to asking the audience to vote for Russell while Yeng said, “ikaw ang boses ng boy band.”

In the online world, however, Russell became the top trending topic in an instant. Singer KZ Tandingan, another singing reality show winner tweeted, “RUSSEL SHOULD BE IN THE GROUP. He will be [the] vocal pillar of the band. Not only is he handsome, he also has the goods to support the looks.” And we agree with her.

In a short break after the opening of the public lines for the votes, newest Kapamilya, singer-songwriter, Ogie Alcasid, performed to the audience’s delight.

Host Billy Crawford announced that the official name of the band is ‘Boyband PH.’

The announcement of winners followed. Joining Niel in the winners’ circle are Russel as announced, immediately followed by Ford. Completing the list of winners are Tristan and the heartthrob, Joao, breaking the hearts of the followers of Mark Oblea and Tony Labrusca. If I were to choose, I would choose Mark over Tristan; and be contented with the rest of the members. But that’s it. We cannot always get what we want.

Russel Reyes

Russel Reyes is dubbed as the voice of the band.

Ford Valencia

Ford Valencia is handsome and charming and has what it takes to deserve a spot. Always our favorite.

Tristan Ramirez

Tristan Ramirez surprised as all when he managed a spot in the band.

Joao Constancia

The ever charming, Joao Constancia, made us believe that looks could bring you places. And we are happy that he’s officially part of the band despite his lack of solid singing ability.

With some technical difficulties, we didn’t get to see the total scores on TV. The show ended with them singing their first single we didn’t fully enjoy because the show was running out of time, it was obvious.

So the search for Boyband PH is over. It seems to be just a one-season show for the network if the quality of the show is to be considered. Then add to it the not-so-well ratings. The success and failure of the show, however, depends on the success of the boys in capturing the hearts of the Filipino audience. With Russell, Niel, and Ford’s voices, we are sure they have what it takes to entertain and hook us in. Then add to it these guys’ charisma. Put Joao to the equation, and that’s a complete boy band experience we are yet to enjoy. And yes, I am giving Tristan the benefit of the doubt.

How about you, guys? Are you happy with the results? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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  2. I dont really like tristan too until he performed last saturday, i just saddenly noticed his better than ford. But i like tony to be in instead of ford. It should be russell,neil,joao,tony and ford but my overly hated tristan changed my mind last saturday.


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