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Here’s how to help Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray bring the crown home

Catriona Gray Miss World Philippines 2016

IF YOU ARE A FILIPINO, you are surely rooting for Catriona Gray, the Philippines’ representative to the ongoing Miss World 2016 pageant. In fact, you are not only wishing her to win but you’ve been liking her photos posted in the Miss World page. But if you think that’s enough, think again.

You can actually make her win. Or at least help her take a spot in the finals. You still have less than two days to do so. The coronation night will happen on Sunday night, December 18, at the MGM National Harbor, Oxon Hill, Maryland in the US (Monday morning Philippine time) with telecast on GMA-7 at 8am. Here are three ways to do so:

1.) Best in Talent Contest

Catriona is part of the Top 10 finalists for Best in Talent competition. However, only one winner will be announced and it is, for unknown reasons is based on the number of likes and comments through Mobstar, an unknown app that’s trying to ride on the popularity of beauty contests. I really don’t like Mobstar but just to support our ladies, I swallowed my pride and yes, I’m now a user and supporting Catriona. The Best in Talent winner will perform on the finals night and will advance to the Top 20. So go download Mobstar and swipe right to like and make sure to leave a thousand comments. As of this posting, the leading contestant is Miss Mongolia.

Update: You may now stop voting for the Best in Talent. Catriona placed second to Mongolia’s Bayartsetseg Altangerel. Read also: Catriona Gray advances to the semi-finals.

2.) Multi-Media Award

Unfortunately, Mobstar plays a big role here as well. Good thing is, it is not solely Mobstar as the judging will also be based on content or the “style, presentation, interactivity and inventiveness of posts the contestants create for the Official Miss World Facebook and Twitter accounts,” Catriona said on a Facebook post.

To help her on Mobstar ranking, just swipe right and comment. Look for her official account “Catriona” with the profile picture of Catriona in white with tagline [OFFICIAL] Miss World 🇵🇭 Catriona Gray. Yes, you better look for the official one as fans of the other contestants did create a lot of accounts to confuse Cat’s supporters. So make use of it for the Multimedia Award winner will advance to the Top 20.

Update: You may now stop voting for the Multi-Media Award. Catriona won this contest, giving her a spot in the Top 20. Good job, guys! More about that on this post.

3.) People’s Choice Award

Of all the online voting contests, this one is my favorite as it is hard to manipulate. You have to download the Miss World app on your phone and select your Top 3 winners. You can vote again by subscribing (costs around P49). The candidate with the most number of votes will advance to the Top 10. Yes, friends. Automatic Top 10 so this one is even better. Your Top 3 could be: Philippines, Ghana, and Lesotho and you know the reason why.

Update: Keep on voting for Catriona. The voting will close once the final competition starts tomorrow.

Torchbearers, (as Catriona calls her supporters), she needs our support. And you can do so in just a few clicks. Let’s do it!

Catriona Gray Miss World Philippines 2016 winner



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