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Where Are They Now: Good Looking Pinoys Who Went Viral on Social Media

Mister International 2014 Neil Perez

FROM CARROT MAN to Badjao Girl, there were a lot of undeniably good looking people who went viral on social media the past months. While the internet has become a platform for their photos that made the most of us go gaga for the nth time, we’ve done some research to know how their unsolicited fame changed their lives now. So, if you ask “Where are they now?,” you can have the answers below.

Carrot Man: The Guy That Started It All

Carrot Man
Well, he was actually not the first whose photos became a trending topic on the world wide web but he’s among the first subject that stole the attention of the public or, shall we say, more of the teenage girls and young girls at heart.

Giant network GMA 7 quickly showed interest in him. Jeyrick Sigmaton in real life, he was immediately featured in the magazine TV program, ‘Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho’ days after he trended on social media. He was also seen in other GMA shows such as Bubble Gang.

From farming in the cold mountains of Benguet, the Carrot Man now has a budding career in modeling. He is the new face of Boardwalk. Avel Bacudio, renowned Filipino designer engaged with the brand, produced a collection just for Sigmaton.

Carrot Man Sigmaton

However, our insider on GMA Network said the network’s artist center failed to ink a contract with Sigmaton after his tribe in Benguet laid down all the rules on what he can or cannot do on television. It seems to us that there are a lot of rules that could hinder the network’s promotion of Sigmaton as a celebrity. Just so everyone know, show business is not about making people famous alone, it is making a business out of being popular. If his community couldn’t let go of Carrot Man, he would definitely not fit it for showbiz.

GuwaPulis: Police Mister International

Policeman turned male pageant winner, Mister International 2014 Neil Perez

He was actually discovered first before Jeyrick Sigmaton. But unlike others, PO2 Mariano Flormata, or popularly known as Neil Perez, got his shot to fame when he joined Misters of the Philippines in 2014 and was endorsed by his bosses at the Philippine National Police. He became the subject of media attention until he won the right to represent the Philippines at the Mister International 2014 in Ansan, South Korea where he was declared the eventual winner. He was a constant subject of the news until he got viral on social media.

Neil Perez Guwapulis

Mister International 2014 Neil Perez

After winning the international male pageant, Neil received a lot of projects in the modeling industry. Some of his modeling gigs were at Unisilver Time’s 10th anniversary celebration, Cosmo Skin and BFPC’s 9th anniversary celebration. He also received TV projects in TV5 and has guested at various TV shows in almost all the local TV networks.

This blogger had had a chance to talk with Niel in various occasions, including our guesting as judges at the Singapore’s OFW community’s modeling search earlier this year. Niel is oozing with kindness and humility, and personally, I wish for his success both in being a police officer and a celebrity role model.

The Gasoline Boy

CJ Querol, the Gasoline Boy
Working at a gasoline station, a customer spotted the model-esque facial features and height of gasoline boy Charles Joseph “CJ” Querol or simply CJ. GMA 7’s top rival ABS-CBN was quick at grabbing the chance to follow the gasoline boy’s life. He was immediately featured in TV Patrol’s Panalo ‘To segment and has since then gained even more popularity.

More people were inspired by his story, which gained him more followers. He comes from a broken family that pushed him to becoming the breadwinner. He shared that he wants to give his mother and siblings a better life. Shortly thereafter, he was tagged to work as a model for the world-renowned designer, Francis Libiran.

cj-querol-manhunt international Philippines
Months later, he followed the footsteps of Neil, and joined the local male pageant, Misters of Pilipinas where he eventually won one of the titles. CJ will represent the Philippines in the upcoming Manhunt International next year.

Badjao Girl

Badjao Girl Rita
After a series of good looking men stealing netizens’ attention, a girl with rare and stunning beauty from a Mindanao tribe has also taken social media by storm. Meet Badjao Girl who got accidental and instantaneous fame when a local tourist took notice of him during this year’s Pahiyas Festival at Lucban, Quezon.

Her perfect jawline, gorgeous wavy hair, and rare beauty automatically command attention from the people she encounters. Within a few days, she earned the public’s attention and love. Many wished her a better life. Again, ABS-CBN was quick at knowing about her and her life. She was featured at Rated K’s May 22 episode.

Rita Gabiola in real life, Badjao Girl had her first taste of modeling when the magazine TV program sponsored her first photo shoot. Her soulful eyes and perfect face proportions have made it so effortless for her to produce stunning photos as shown below.

The 13-year old girl may just become the first beggar who will rise from poverty because of social media. Her dream of becoming a teacher can now be a reality as Rated K sponsored her scholarship to finish formal education.

Months later, she became part of the local version of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition as one of the housemates. The reality TV show made Rita be known by many as a person with kindness and a humble heart. The season has ended a few months back. Let us wait and see on how the Kapamilya network will handle her showbiz career, if any.

Aside from them, there are also other good looking Pinoys who gained instant popularity via social media. Though we haven’t heard anything about the change in their lives yet, it’s still worthy to include them here so your eyes can have something to feast on.

Jeepney Dri-Bae

Jeepney Dri-bae
He is a jeepney driver in Tagaytay. According to netizens, his real name is Angelo Booc, married and already has two kids. He has already received TV guesting including one in ‘Unang Hirit’ at GMA Network.

Otap Man

Otap Man
If Carrot Man was photographed selling carrots, Otap man is seen, as you suspect, selling Otap. Michael Ramos, an 18-year old working college student was photographed selling otap and dried mangoes inside a Victory Liner bus. Originally, he is from Compostella Valley but is now residing in Quezon City.

Aside from them, there were a lot of gorgeous men and women whom people adore and tried making them famous. Doctors, nurses, fast food chains’ service crew, and a lot more. While we can’t track on how things have changed for them since they became famous, we can only wish for their success as only a few gets the chance to be featured on television and get an instant shot to success. Should they meet them one day, we will definitely snatch a photo or two for you, our dear readers. For now, let us keep our radars working!

Let us know in the comments should you spot someone worthy of our attention, okay? Happy Holidays!

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