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MMFF 2016 Movie Review: ‘Kabisera’

Kabisera Movie MMFF 2016

HAVING THE SUPERSTAR in the film about Extra-Judicial Killings, which is definitely the most relevant topic in the Philippines today, didn’t advance ‘Kabisera’ at all.

‘Kabisera’ is among the eight entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 that viewers expect too much from, but the film failed to deliver — and it failed miserably.

While the script showed promise, Kabisera’s slow start bores the audience to death while it tries to establish the path the story was trying to take. The film gained some momentum after around 5-7 minutes when some of the actions take place, but it didn’t take off at all.

There were a few good moments in the film, however, those weren’t enough for it to gain some love from the audience. Even its caliber actors led by Nora Aunor and Ricky Davao, among the long list of award-winning actors who did pretty outstanding performances, did not save the film. Like Aunor, actor Rj Agustin, who happens to be one of its producers, had his moments in the film but aside from that, most of the scenes are nothing but wasted frames.

If not for how the film is made, ‘Kabisera’ would have gained praises for its actors and some awesome shots. Yet, all the good things about the film went down the drain, along with its bad direction, poor script, and weak story-telling.

Watch ‘Kabisera’ at your own risk.

Rating: 4.5/10

Note: ‘Kabisera’ is one of the eight film entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016. We have watched seven of them so far. We will do our best to review all of the entries on this blog. Read the rest of our reviews by clicking this link.


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