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MMFF 2016 Movie Review: ‘Saving Sally’

Saving Sally MMFF Movie Photo

Definitely visually stunning, the lone animated film in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, ‘Saving Sally,’ is a breath of fresh airs to the local filmmaking.

Though the people behind the film wanted to play it down when they described it as a “typical teen film about love, monsters, and gadgets,” it’s being part of the MMFF’s roster of films this year however, and the attention given by the press for its being a film that started shooting in 2005 but just halted due to budget constraints, made people expect too much from the film. It is in that sense of ‘completeness and uniqueness,’ ‘Saving Sally’ falls short of our expectation.

It’s story telling is superb. Plain, simple, and with the use of Filipino humor as its background, we did feel the love for the film. Its actors did an outstanding job as well. We couldn’t think of any lead actor to portray the role of Marty but Enzo Marcos. The film wouldn’t be that well-received either if not for the beautiful Rhian Ramos, the perfect replacement for Anna Larrucea who was first cast as Sally when it was first shot in 2005.

Produced by French film producer Alain de la Mata and directed by Avid Liongoren, ‘Saving Sally’ gave a unique flavor to the MMFF. Yet, such a difference wasn’t as satisfying as it should be. While it never lacks in beauty, and with its awesome animations and the unique ideas the film imparts to its audience, the film somehow lacks in substance.

The whole movie experience was good but it wasn’t just enough. Watching the end credits is comparable to its lead character, Marty, less the happy ending. It is like managing to have a nice takeoff and a good ride all throughout but failing to land anywhere near close to being great.

Will I watch it again? No. Would I recommend it to our readers? Definitely YES.

Rating: 7.5/10

Note: ‘Saving Sally’ is one of the eight film entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016. It’s the seventh film we watched so far. We will do our best to finish our movie marathon tomorrow and review all the films on this blog shortly. Read the rest of our reviews by clicking this link.


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  1. Manuel Aquino says

    Finally an honest assessment of “Saving Sally”… I slept through most of it ! Ang babaw ng kwento.


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