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Smart to offer P1-per-minute calls to all networks

Smart Express Call

YOU READ IT right, people. If you are a Smart subscriber, you can enjoy P1-per-minute calls to all networks. Enough reason to stay in touch with friends and loved ones.
The promo is the core of the Smart Express Call 50, which will be rolled out by the tech giant soon. Smart Express Call 50 provides subscribers 50 minutes of all-network calls, valid for three days. This promo is an add-on to top Smart Prepaid offers, boosting Smart’s already feature-packed data, call, and text promos.

This will likewise be made available for Smart Postpaid subscribers who may enjoy the rates on top of their existing plan.

Talk N’ Text and Sun, worry not. It shall also roll out similar offers, allowing users to conveniently boost their existing TNT and Sun promos with 5 minutes of all-net calls for only Php5.

“The upcoming offer is in line with Smart’s thrust to provide Filipinos with meaningful connections through innovative mobile products and services,” Smart said in a press statement.

With Smart’s lowest all-net call rates at only Php1 per minute, subscribers are set to enjoy greater flexibility, allowing them to keep their loved ones within reach – whether to check on everyone’s activities, confirm an item on the grocery list, or just relay an important concern when the need arises – without having to worry about the cost.

It shall also allow users to keep their bond with friends stronger and more personal through frequent catch-up calls and random chats, and set aside work-related worries because they could easily reach out to colleagues for any pressing matter.

Once rolled out, Smart Express Call 50 will also come in very handy such as when there is a need to relay directions to an Uber driver, confirm details with a local Airbnb host, or reach out to top establishments via their mobile numbers.

Watch out for the launch of Smart’s lowest all-net call rates by following Smart’s official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@LiveSmart).

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