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Michelle Arceo wins first Gandang Filipina crown on GMA-7’s Wowowin

Michelle Arceo Gandang Filipina 2017

GANDANG FILIPINA, a beauty contest-segment on GMA Network’s game show, ‘Wowowin’ has finally come to a close.

The first of the two-episode grand finals started tonight, March 30 and grand winners will be announced tomorrow, March 31. Aside from an awesome production, the beauty pageant has a good line up of judges as well that include designer Randy Ortiz and Miss Universe Philippines 2014 Mary Jean Lastimosa.

Since TV viewing moments like today rarely fit in this blogger’s schedule, a decision to watch and have an entry about this was necessary — and here’s hoping this entry be updated tomorrow once the winners are revealed.

So what has transpired tonight?

The segment opened with a National Costume competition. A surprisingly grandiose one. The 23 grand finalists are all gorgeous and their costumes are more than fabulous.

From this segment, five candidates were chosen winners. They are Yricka Mongcopa (#23) of Medellin, Cebu; Martina Fausta Diaz (#1) of Muntinlupa City; Jessica Estillore (#4) of San Mateo, Rizal; Lady Justerinnie Santos (#13) of Bulakan, Bulacan; and 14 Rosette Joyce Tayam (#14) of Subic, Zambales.

Martina Fausta Diaz of Gandang Filipina 2017

Rosette Joyce Tayam

Aside from the moments that show host Willie Revillame singing, Gandang Filipina actually surpassed our expectations — thanks to the beautiful ladies who are vying for the title.

An elegant Evening Gown competition followed, which showcased the Pinay beauties of the candidates.

Three candidates were chosen as Best in Evening Gown winners. Two of them are national costume winners Rosette Joyce Tayam (#14) and Martina Fausta Diaz (#1). The third awardee is Camille Angelica Canlas (#22) of Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

By the looks of it, these three ladies are now the frontrunners, with Tayam and Diaz leading the pack. But nothing is sure yet until the final competition tomorrow, where the finalists will compete in the Swimsuit, and Question and Answer segments.

Camille Angelica Canlas of Gandang Filipina 2017

Moreover, Amal Rosaroso (#6) of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan was voted as Miss Friendship. Rosaroso was a trending topic in social media the past days due to his humor and personality. This award only confirms her likability in the eyes of her fellow contestants.

Who are your bets? Let us know in the comments.

Note: This post will be updated tomorrow.

Gandang Filipina 2017 Camille Canlas

March 31 Updates:

Today marks the final of the two-episode segment of the pageant. The 23 ladies competed in swimsuit during the first portion. The Best in Swimsuit award was won by Martina Fausta Diaz (#1), which gave her the third award for the competition. Martina also advanced to the Top 10, along with early award winners Rosette Joyce Tayam (#14),  Camille Angelica Canlas (#22), and Amal Rosaroso (#6).

Completing the Top 10 semi-finalists are Lady Justerinnie Santos (#13), Grace Buenconsejo (#15), Jaymalin Santiago (#21), Michelle Arceo (#8), Rowena Sasuluya (#10), and Yricka Mongcopa (#23).

The Q&A portion followed wherein the most witty and brainy candidates emerged. If this is to be the only basis, the winners would be either Michelle Arceo or Camille Angelica Canlas, with me favoring the latter. However, the most awarded candidate of this batch, Martina Faustina Diaz is there to block any lady who would come her way.

Top 5 Finalists are candidates Michelle Arceo (#8) Lady Justerinnie Santos (#13), Yricka Mongcopa (#23), Martina Fausta Diaz (#1) and Camille Angelica Canlas (#22).

Michelle Arceo of Gandang Filipina

Lady Justeninnie Santos 13

Yricka Mongcopa 23

The remaining candidates were given a single quesion: “Ano sa tingin mo ang pinakamatinding isyu na kinakaharap ng mga kabataan?” The grand winner will be selected based on this final question alone as the scores are back to zero.

Yricka (#23) said it is the lack of attention given to the uneducated youth. For Michelle (#8), it is the easy access to social media that cause bullying that lead to suicides, and which makes people so judgmental. Lady Justerinnie (#13) said it is about being compared with the youth of the previous generations. She added she’s there to prove to the world that she’s an empowered women who could do great things.

Martina (#1) said it is lack of self confidence citing that the youth who experience difficulties in sustaining their education easily give up. For Camille Angelica (#22), the greatest challenge the youth face is being unable to set priorities. She said due to peer pressure, they fail to set their priorities, and forget about working on their longterm goals.

After the question that set the first ever Gandang Filipina grand winner, the crown went to Michelle Arceo (#8). First runner-up is Lady Justerinnie Santos (#13) while the second runner-up is Camille Angelica Canlas (#22).


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