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‘A Game of Trolls’: PETA’s new musicale tackles the horror of Martial Law

JUST WHEN RAMPANT killings dominate the Philippines nowadays, theater group PETA stages another musicale, ‘A Game of Trolls’ about the horrors of the past Martial Law.

The project aims to engage millennials in a conversation on martial law, human rights, and dictatorship, says PETA in a press statement.

‘A Game of Trolls,’ #aGoT the MusicaLe, is the story of Heck, a troll whose indifference makes him the perfect keyboard warrior for Bimbam, the manager of a ‘call center’ that runs an online pro-martial law campaign. His lack of attachment to any belief can be used to make him unleash callous words to anyone who comments against the martial law days. Ghosts of Martial law victims haunt him from the internet cloud, where they fear being erased as people slowly forget their stories. The encounters forced him to reflect on his own beliefs and his relationship with his mother, a former Martial Law activist.

Game of Trolls 01

Written by Liza Magtoto and directed by Maribel Legarda with music by Vincent De Jesus, the key messages of the musical are best illustrated with the hashtags #NeverForget, #NeverAgain and #BayanMunaBagoSarili.

Presented by PETA, DAKILA, Active Vista, National Historical Commission of the Philippines, and Bantayog ng mga Bayani, ‘A Game of Trolls’ starts on Saturday, September 2 at The PETA Theater Center in New Manila, Quezon City.

This show is available for mobile performances around the country from October to December 2017. Interested schools can call Yesh Burce at 0977-8425525.

See you at the Theater!

Featured photo courtesy of the PDI.

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