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Gentlemen of The Philippines 2017 Spotlight: Kristian Sarmiento of Lucban, Quezon

Kristian Sarmiento of Lucban Quezon

WHILE WE ARE YET to work on our ‘Hot Picks’ for this year’s edition of ‘Gentlemen of The Philippines,’ one of the most promising male pageants in the country today there are a few guys who we see a great potential — one of them is 21-year old Kristian Sarmiento of Lucban, Quezon.

Kristian stands 5 feet 10 inches who owned the tilt Mister Quezon 2013 prior to joining the national competition. He believes joining Gentlemen of The Philippines can help him build his confidence, overcome body issues, and further develop his personality.

After announcing a number of fab and fit hopefuls in the race, Kristian remains outstanding and at par with his goal by managing his time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “Working out has been my hobby for quite some time, I believe being fit makes me feel more comfortable and confident,” he said.

Many people said he has a little resemblance with Joko Diaz, an equally hot matinee idol in the 90s, but what we see in him is a little of Starstruck runner-up Enzo Pineda. Asked on whether he has plans to join showbiz, Kristian said he’d grab any opportunity. Aside from modeling, this guy is good at dancing, a talent he said he is most comfortable doing. Pageant enthusiast could catch him dancing at the upcoming Gentlemen Finale set on September 9at the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Rembrandt in Quezon City.

Kristian Sarmiento of Quezon

The youngest among three siblings, Kristian is very vocal about his love for them. “I grew up with my siblings since my parents has to work in another town,” he said, that’s why their bond is beyond measure, and they turn to them in every challenge. He sees himself going home to them at the end of the day.

The next couple of days would be tougher for him as he is set to compete with a handful of gorgeous men from all over the country, Kristian admitted. However, the huge support he is getting from his fellows back in his hometown who even set up banners all over Quezon, he can only gain more confidence to do his best to win one of the titles in the upcoming finale. Representing Quezon and his fellows is already an achievement for him but inspiring them through winning would definitely make a big difference.

You too can help Kristian reach for his dream. Just like the Facebook Pages of Gentlemen and Sash Factor account, like or share Kristian’s Photo in this link: Kristian dedicates his GENTLEMEN journey to all his supporters, and to her mom, his major inspiration in life.


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