Bataan, Philippines
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Rest Within Nature’s Embrace at Vista Tala Resorts

Vista Tala Resorts view from the top

ORANI, BATAAN — The cool mountain breeze penetrating our bones by the time the sun started setting was a clear sign we’re above the usual surface of the Earth where mortals live. It took us a few hours to realize we are in the middle of the mountains, communing with nature, away from the noise of the city but surrounded by the vampires and the wolves.

Heck with Twilight. Or blame the woodlands that made me feel that way.

Okay, enough with the confusion. By this time, you should have figured out (like we just had) that ‘Taal Vista’ (which is located in Tagaytay) is different from ‘Vista Tala.’ Aside from this one lies in Central Luzon, Vista Tala is more than just a resort. As its names suggests, ‘Vista Tala Resorts and Recreational Park‘ is a 9-hectare area surrounded by mountains but complete with amenities and has enough activities in store for its visitors, more so to lure the city people to come here.

Well, they did lure us. We’re a group of people from the metro who came here for some rest and recreation. More on the “rest” part. At least for this writer. Thank God for the intermittent internet connection for online access got limited.

Vista Tala and rainbows

Surrounded by mountains and with that view of the rainbow, this place has just become a paradise.

Vista Tala Rainbow Nice

Enveloping the view of Vista Tala is that rainbow, which as usual, delivers a promise that a higher being capable of loving us all is just watching us all with awe.

To have a first time Bataan experience as good as this is too much for a standard. My next visit needs to be at par, if not the better, so this one is quite historic. Not to say that Bataan as a province is historic itself.

Though Vista Tala offers a day tour, we’re here for an overnight stay, as an incentive trip by the management team at PRU Life UK’s Alexandrite Area. Yes, I work at this London-based financial services giant as a unit manager, and maintaining this blog is another passion but so much about me. I know you’re here for information about Vista Tala.

Vista Tala is that star atop the mountain — to offer every tired visitor abode, comfort, and things to do without trying to eliminate every hurtful feeling, bad memories for some, fatigue maybe — but eliminating them anyway. With the views of the lights down there, a soul is relieved, others amazed, and some souls feel ecstatic.

Vista Tala in Bataan - a view from above

Vista Tala in Bataan – a view from above

Maybe, poet Emily Dickinson was right when she wrote:

The Mountains—grow unnoticed—
Their Purple figures rise
Without attempt—Exhaustion—
Assistance—or Applause—

In Their Eternal Faces
The Sun—with just delight
Looks long—and last—and golden—
For fellowship—at night—

She maybe was right but today, these mountains’ growth didn’t go unnoticed. Most of us, if not all, appreciated the beauty of these lush green beauties, along with the refreshing feelings they put in our hearts.

Come the night, we made sure we’re having this fellowship with them — not too loud but not too quiet — with a beer on one hand, and some stories to tell, we shared laughters. In our hearts are a hope to succeed in our chosen field. Those mountains were our witnesses.

Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park Orani Bataan - Infinity Pool at Night

INVITING, ISN’T IT? The resort’s Infinity Pool at Night.

With the same mountains looking, I made a quick dip in the pool before sleeping.

As the sun rises the next morning, we all found ourselves enjoying the Infinity pool, and touring around the beautiful place for photo ops.

It was the best time to catch up on sleep, yet most of our teammates managed to trail the river and befriend ferries. Others rode the ropes from one end to the other via zipline adventure, which offers the best views of the vast lands. I slept. For hours. It was worth it.

Then those times with the group came — we enjoyed every corner of the resorts.

Vista Tala - The group enjoying the infinity pool

BOYS WILL BE BOYS and they will enjoy every breath they take. How about some hearts from us to yours?

Vista Tala Zipline

FLY, MY FRIEND. FLY. We are watching you. Conquer your fears.

This writer by the Vista Tala Pool

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORM. This writer by the Vista Tala Pool.

Vista Tala is that kind host that lets you do whatever you want to do. Their rooms are cozy and comfortable, and like the mountains they’re named after, each is unique. But I want to leave the task of checking about the prices to you. Visit their page here.

Vista Tala - Good

JUST WHEN THE TIME comes that you are ready to return, Vista Tala is just right here. Patiently waiting. Unlike your old love.

Twenty four hours are not enough to indulge in the nature’s beauty, much more within a place with amenities like Vista Tala has. Nevertheless, we leave the place happy and satisfied. In the background however, the skies are crying hard, rolling the loudest thunders. Taking the heavy downpours as a sign, they would mean to say some goodbyes hurt but are a must.

Most photos used here came from our group. Others came from Vista Tala Facebook page and from Trip Advisor. CTOs.

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