Palawan, Philippines
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Linapacan: How About a Side Trip to this Palawan Beauty?

LInapacan Palawan - screenshot from rolandaction

LINAPACAN, PHILIPPINES – You might have heard about this group of islands in Palawan province as one of the world’s clearest waters to swim in before you die. But hearing is one thing. Actual swimming in is another.

If you haven’t visited the islands yet since we last featured them in this blog, now is the time for you to pay a visit or plan for one. Include island hopping here as a side trip on your next trip to the province. Unlike in the past years, the number of tourists coming in are now slowly increasing. Sooner or later, this might just become too touristy that visiting then would be more expensive.

Linapacan by Cheyenne Morrison

This is the island of Cala Cala in Linapacan, which has the clearest water in the world. Photo by Cheyenne Morrison.

Birds Linapacan Cala Cala

Birds find their nests in this floating tip of the island of Cala Cala.

Both mysterious and majestic, the town derived its name from the myth that a queen once set foot on the islands long ago, Elders say. The beautiful queen got the attention of many when she arrived but none of them have seen them the day after, leaving nothing but footprints. Thus, as termed by the locals, the islands are named after ‘Reyna Inapakan’ or Queen’s footsteps. The people later on coined the term ‘Linapacan,’ the name it still carries to this day.

Indeed, the islands possess a queenly beauty beyond compare. What makes it more unique and worthy of your time is that the islands remain pristine, the sea waters remain the cleanest in the world. Since the place seem far from commercialization, foods, trips, and accommodation are way cheaper compared with other touristy towns of El Nido and Coron.

So when you visit, just forget about the worries of your city life behind. Be ready to go swimming in the world’s clearest waters. Go snorkeling to meet Nemo and his friends, and go diving if you must. Go paddle boarding or free diving, whatever you prefer more. Roam around town or hop on to each island. Should there be any chance, visit the caves of various sizes and beauty found on the islands.

highheelstohikingbootsMagical Morning Light.

MEET THE LOCALS as they paddle the boats around the island as you greet the morning with love that traveler @highheelstohikingboots describes as “magical.”

Face of the Local in Linapacan - hanzelkazikmund

DURING CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, be sure to befriend the locals who are as awesome as this kid, who even posed for this photo taken by @hanzelkazikmund.

calamianesexpeditionsTiktilaok Sa Palayan

LINAPACAN is part of the Calamianes group of islands and as taken by @calamianesexpeditions, not only locals are friendly, even chickens seen in the middle of the green fields as seen in this photo.

Linapacan 01

GO FISHING in style. Throw your fishing rods and see for yourself how easy it is to catch the fish for your next meal.

neilcardanosun sets in Ginto Island! Linapacan, Palawan

SUNSETS IS AS BEAUTIFUL as this one taken on Ginto Island by @neilcardanosun. Go for a romantic moment or simply capture each sunset with your naked eye once in this beautiful island.

LInapacan Photo 1

Palawan correspondent Ronces Paragoso has taken this photo of her friend while the sun is setting in the background for @travelmoreph, and we are as grateful.

neilcardanoStand-up paddleboardin' with

ANOTHER WAY to watch sunset is through a paddle board, right? Stand up and send the sun home. You can do that in Linapacan as well. Photo @neilcardano.

While you can come here via Manila and Puerto Princesa from other parts of the world, getting here is easier when you are coming from either the town of El Nido or Coron. I would suggest you drop by any of those two towns first or may go Coron-Linapacan-El Nido hopping in just one tour. There are several options you can choose from.

Should you prefer to Do-It-Yourself, these are the easy routes so far. From El Nido, ride a passenger boat from Dipnay (Barangay San Fernando). Travel time takes around 4-5 hours by boat. Coron provides an easier route. Travel time only takes around two hours. However, travel from this town is not as regular as the schedule varies according to number of passengers or availability of passenger boats but proper planning and coordination with your hosts from the town will help.

There are inns (small hotels) to stay in when you are in Linapacan’s main village, Barangay San Miguel, a small community of fisher folks here.

Traveling solo? No worries. You can easily find a friendly and hospitable hosts in San Miguel but should you decide to visit with friends, just bring in your cameras and a good heart for the experience of a lifetime and don’t forget to tag @travelmoreph in your Instagram posts. Enjoy!

*Featured photo courtesy of @robinaction.

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