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Cuatros Islas: Leyte’s Ideal Off-The-Grid Destination

Cuatros Islas in Leyte aerial

LEYTE – If today is among those days when you’re dying to take a break from the busy city life and just spend a few days of solitary confinement in a remote beach island, you just came to the right site.

It has always been a great idea to satisfy this longing by traveling to off-the-grid destinations, yet we always find no or a little courage to do so. With the Cuatros Islas of Inopacan in this province however, there would be no reason for you not to go.

With the literal meaning “four islands” in English, the Cuatros Islas is a group of islets situated in the bay that spans from the rural towns of Inopacan and Hindang in Leyte. The four islands are namely Apid, Digyo, Himokilan and Mahaba.

Cuatros Islas is a gem of the Visayas that remains unknown to many travelers up to this day. This makes the island a wonderful place to satisfy your need for quiet and peaceful moments.

Cuatros Islas in Leyte Stunning Photo

Imagine walking through a sand bar all the way to an islet surrounded by white-sand beach. If that’s not enough reason to visit Cuatros Islas in Leyte, we don’t what is.

Cuatros Islands in Leyte

Beaches, trees, and clear waters to swim in. Take this aerial view of the Cuatros Islas as a formal invitation.

Without a doubt, it is a great place to get lost in your own thoughts while having a panoramic view of the beach and the islands. Its untouched beauty is enough to ease the mind and effectively help forget any work stress and yes, the city drama.

To anyone whose sleep is precious, taking a nap under the shade of a thick tree is a luxury no amount of money could buy. At Cuatros Islas, it is easy to do just that without a limit. Be lulled to sleep by the sea breeze on to whatever kind of world you wanna be in the deepest part of your sleep.

And just when you get hungry, enjoy a sumptuous lunch under the shade of coconut trees as it is not everyday you can do that. Better maximize it here.

Should you find it great to be mingling with the locals, you are free to do so. You’ll definitely find some nuggets of wisdom from stories exclusive to them and their rural way living. When you are lucky, they’d freely give you coconuts to enjoy though buying one wouldn’t cost you much.

Under the tree Cuatros Islas in Leyte Stunning Photo

Nap under the shades of trees by the beach at Cuatros Islas.

Coconut Trees at Cuatros Islas in Leyte Stunning Photo

Get your foods and do picnic under the Coconut trees here.

Just as the day ends, marvel at the awe-inspiring and nostalgic view of the sunset while in one of the four islands. The sun’s colors — a mixture of different shades of yellow, orange and red — are just lovely and automatically pours memories that matter to you.

Enjoy one of the most lovely sunsets ever after a day by the beach in this beautiful island.

Enjoy one of the most lovely sunsets ever after a day by the beach in this beautiful island.

To get to Cuatros Islas, you can use the “bridge of love” or San Juanico Bridge if you’re from Samar. If from Manila, you have to reach Tacloban first via plane and then take a van to reach Inopacan. From there, ride a boat to reach the islands. Enjoy!

The city could be reached through San Juanico bridge in Tacloban

The city could be reached through San Juanico bridge if you are from Samar.

Photos courtesy of Michael Ayaso of and

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