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Moriones Festival and More in Marinduque

MARINDUQUE — The next time you think about being in unspoiled places with rich cultures, think of this beautiful heart-shaped island. Endowed with numerous historical attraction sites, it is among the Philippines’ underrated provinces, thus, deserves a spotlight, and a visit from travelers like you.

While there are a lot of things to do in Marinduque, we compiled for this list things and places you can enjoy here.

Moriones Festival

Moriones in Mariduque

Experience the vibrant culture here. Parade around town with the Moriones of Mariduque.

Moriones is an annual festival that parades men and women wearing masks and costumes who re-enact the search for Saint Longinus. It is a week-long folk-religious festival that lets morions roam the town streets from Holy Monday until Holy Week’s celebration ends on Easter Sunday. Tourists also come to witness the festival because of the must-see stage acts and street dances.

Boac Cathedral

Also called Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Boac Cathedral served as a refuge for the townspeople whenever pirates attack during the early times. The church was built in 1766 with its front facing the east while the rear part offers a breathtaking view of the lower town.

Boac Cathedral in Marinduque

Boac Cathedral in Marinduque

Battle of Pulang Lupa Marker

The Battle of Pulang Lupa is one of the many historical fights when the gallantry of revolutionary Filipinos triumphed. Lieutenant Coronel Maximo Abad led the battle that happened in September 13, 1990.

Battle of Pulang Lupa Marker

Battle of Pulang Lupa Marker

Bathala Caves

Bathala Caves

Caves is among Marinduque’s attractions.

Marinduque is home to several caves such as the Bathala Caves that has a huge opening and high ceiling.

Other caves such as the Bagumbungan Cave, Tarug Caves and San Isidro Cave are keeping beautiful rock and mineral formations.

Tres Reyes Islands

Tres Reyes Islands in Marinduque

Can you see them? Those islands are called Tres Reyes Islands

It’s kind of automatic or expected that when one mentions of any province in the Philippines, there must be at least one island beach or beach resort as the top travel destination. Well, Marinduque won’t disappoint you. The Tres Reyes Islands, which is comprised of the Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar islands, is one of the must-visit destinations in the province.

All three islands are recommended sites for snorkeling and scuba diving. The clear waters make it easy to have a great view of the coral reefs and marine life.

Bellaroca, Elephant Island

Marinduque's luxurious resort, Bellaroca is known for being a wedding destination in the Philippines.

Marinduque’s luxurious resort, Bellaroca is known for being a wedding destination in the Philippines.

If you want to experience the country’s version of Santorini, then you have to visit Elephant Island and stay at Bellaroca.

Bellaroca is a first class luxury resort that boats of numerous amenities such as infinity pools, spa, yoga, golf, and water sports.

Palad Sand Bar

Beach in Marinduque

Palad Sand Bar offers a beach experience that may not be unique to Marinduque but definitely one you can enjoy with utmost pleasure

Sand bars are trending lately in social media. Marinduque has its own in the town of Sta. Cruz. Being a remote beach island makes it a good place to spend intimate moments with your love ones.

Marinduque is one of the less known and talked about provinces of the Philippines when it comes to travel destinations. But surprisingly, it has a lot to offer. You just have to visit the province and discover the seemingly endless travel destinations it can offer.

Marinduque beautiful place

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