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Romblon: An Underrated Gem in Southern Luzon

ROMBLON — Marble. Marvel. This province is like the gem it is known for. Precious, possessing a unique beauty of its own, and just waiting to be discovered by every brave wanderer out there.

Like the other underrated travel destinations in the Philippines, Romblon has a lot to offer. One day is not enough to explore its many beaches, waterfalls, caves, and colonial churches so just in case you’d decide to visit after reading this piece, make sure to spend days or even weeks here.

To give you a sneak peek of what you should experience when in Romblon, here are some of the province’s top travel destinations that you must not miss. Not to mention that the secret of enjoying provinces like Romblon is experiencing it slowly, and feel every moment of each day while living a slow-paced, provincial life.

Mt. Guiting-Guiting

Mt. Guiting-Guiting in Romblon

TOUCH THE CLOUDS at the zenith of the beautiful Mt. Guiting-Guiting, Romblon’s under-explored mountain that would definitely satisfy every hiker in us.

If there’s one thing Romblon has to lure seasoned hikers, it’s definitely Mt. Guiting-Guiting. Conquering this truly gorgeous mountain located in the Sibuyan Island would be real treat. Standing tall at 2,075 meters above sea level, the mountain remains under-explored and offers a challenging climb so better come prepared.

Pitcher Plants in Mt. Guiting-Guiting

While hiking Mt. Guiting-Guiting is quite a challenge, be ready to feast on its rich fauna, which species include this beautiful Pitcher plant.

Expect a close encounter with bonsai, orchids, wild ferns and other uncommon plants such as this pitcher plant when hiking the mountain. Should you like to conquer other mountains aside from this one, the nearby Mt. Bitaogan is just waiting for you to explore.

Guyangan Caves

Guyangan Caves in Romblon

May it be a date or a planned proposal maybe, this part of the Guyangan Caves would be an awesome location.

With undeniable beauty, Guyangan Caves speaks a lot about Philippine history. Historians claim that the caves once served as burial ceremonies site during the ancient times. We also have several national treasures that were excavated in these burial caves.

Skulls inside Guyangan Caves

This is not a location for the Pirates of the Carribean, but like in movies, skulls are found inside Guyangan Caves.

Once inside the caves, you’ll see old skeletal skulls of unidentified Bantoanons. There are also coffins that are already centuries old. These are made of ancient artworks and hallowed-out logs. If you want to be a cave explorer on your visit, you may also include Bagacay Caves, Matudtod Cave, Ilaya Cave, Simbahan Cave, and Hingahan Cave in your itinerary.

St. Joseph Cathedral

St. Joseph Cathedral in Romblon Philippines

Catholic? Be sure to drop by at the St. Joseph Cathedral

One of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in the Philippines, St. Joseph Cathedral was built during the 15th century. Headed by the Recollect Fathers, talented artisans used bricks and coral blocks to build a church embellished with beautiful architectural details.

St. Joseph Cathedral in Romblon

Inside St. Joseph Cathedral in Romblon is this beautiful altar

Our catholic friends who visited St. Joseph Cathedral could attest to the sacredness of this church that is an icon to Romblon’s residents. For the lovers of beauty however, the ethereal beauty of the altar is a real treat to the eyes. If you are the kind of traveler who love churches and architectures, visit St. Nicolas of Tolentino, Fort San Nicolas, Banton Church, and Fort San Andres.

Mainit Falls

Mainit Falls in Romblon

Want it hot? Mainit Falls is waiting for you

With its literal meaning “hot” in Filipino Mainit Falls is named after it warm flowing waters, giving the visitors a different kind of waterfalls experience. You don’t need to be afraid of waters, my dear.

You want it cold? Romblon have you covered.

Lumbia Falls in Romblon

Swim in. Make yourself free for the enticing waters of Lumbia Falls

Lumbia Falls, in photo above, is another waterfalls in Romblon that keeps attracting travelers. It has cool water and different species of ferns. If you are a chaser of waterfalls, free up some time to visit Garing Falls, Tuburan Falls, Mablaran Falls, Twin Falls, and Pag-alad Falls.

Carabao Island

Carabao Island in Romblon

What’s in a beach? See Carabao Island to know for yourself.

Imagine Boracay Islands without the noise. That’s what you get when you visit Carabao Island in Romblon. It is undeniably gifted with long white shorelines and very serene blue and green seawater. If you’re after peace and quiet moments, then it’s one of the most ideal places to visit here.

Get lost and just be intimate with the sea. You may even try skinny-dipping and no one will mind. If you are not easily satisfied by one beach experience alone, visit the other beautiful Romblon beaches: Bonbon Beach, Tiamban Beach, Cobrador Island, Togong Beach, Recodo Beach, Banton Island, Alad Island, Cresta de Gallo, Marble Beach, Margie’s Beach, Mainit Beach, Gakit White Beach, Bantoncillo Island, Quebrada Beach, Lugbung Island, and Sibuyan Island.

Carabao Island and the Beaches in Romblon

Stroll by your feet at the long beaches of Carabao Island when in Romblon.

So what is your decision? Take your time, darling. We ourselves didn’t think that such a small province is home to endless list of travel destinations as well. You can have them one-at-a-time. Happy traveling!

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