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Regal & Humble: Up Close and Personal with Mister International PH 2017 Raven Renz Lansangan

Raven Renz Lansangan winning moment

WHETHER IT IS THE DIMPLES or his kind heart that makes him more handsome as he smiles, we don’t know.

We are only sure about what we witnessed — the newly-crowned Mister International Philippines 2017, Raven Renz Lansangan tirelessly posed for the camera with both his avid followers and newest fans when he was declared winner on September 30 at One Esplanade, Pasay City.

In several occasions thereafter, he is that kind, personable guy one would instantly love as a person more, than as a pageant winner.

While some of the other winners seem tired after the finals, which preparation started as early as four o’clock in the morning that Saturday, Raven remained enthusiastic. The 19-year old hunk from Mabalacat, Pampanga humbly gave in to each request for selfies and photo ops, down to the last person, till the last lights were turned off.

We later found out that his motivation comes from the people who support him.

The youngest to win Misters of Filipinas, and definitely the youngest candidate the country will be sending off to the international male pageant to date, Raven is polite, slow to speak yet fun to be with. These characteristics topped his excellent physical attributes: gorgeous, very manly for his age, and with machismo that could easily attract an audience.

Raven may not have the perfect abs we all require from our kings (yet), but he is more than macho, even if not the hunkiest. He is the perfect candidate to win the top tilt. No questions about that. In fact, he was part of our personal bets prior to the finals night.

Raven Renz Lansangan Hari

Warrior or King? Raven Lansangan is more than willing to defend you and the country, and with his body, wit, and personality, he could just win the next Mister International title for the Philippines.

A week after he won, we met with Raven for an informal chat during the Misters of Filipinas victory party at the Level VIP bar along Timog in Quezon City. While an instant fame could change many others, not our Raven. Just like our encounter during the finals night, Raven is still grounded. Despite the attention from girls and gays alike, he remains that typical teenager from the province, curious yet calm, oozing with kindness, and a little reserved.

Raven looks you in the eye as you converse with him, and makes sure he gets every word you utter correct before he responds with enthusiasm. He is interested to hear what you’re going to say, at least from our personal experience. That’s even before we told him we would like to ask a few questions for this blog.

“How kind of him. Very regal,” I told myself. So we engaged in casual chats as the bar wasn’t a good venue for interviews, and we were there to enjoy the night. Raven continued posing for photos with the crowd and mingled with his co-winners and friends.

A few hours on to listening to the bar’s beats, and jamming a little as we groove, in between a few shots of liquor and wine, we asked him of how he’s doing so far.

“I’m good. It’s my first time to drink,” Raven shyly responded. We offered another drink, but he politely declined. He would need to get back to Pampanga early morning for some preparations for his welcome parade, he said. The past week has been so tiring as he needed to juggle studies in between photo shoots, rehearsals for the pageant, and press junkets.

Raven is a graduating Business Management student at the Holy Angel University in his home province. He is very serious about his studies as he is serious to bringing the next Mister International title for the Philippines, first won by cop Niel Perez in 2014.

Joining Misters of Filipinas was unplanned, Raven said. When handler Renz Tuazon first asked him to join, he was hesitant “because I didn’t think I’m qualified. However, I soon realized this would be a good opportunity for me to express myself, showcase my talents while promoting how it is to become a responsible man.” Then it happened.

Raven Renz Lansangan formal

Raven posed for this photo by Joy Arquil after winning the pageant on September 30.

Winning the international pageant and to be known in a global scale was never in his dreams but now that he has given a chance to make it happen, Raven said he’d give his whole heart to achieving it, not for him alone but for his family, and to advance the causes closest to his heart — among them is taking care of the street children.

“Kasi hindi naman po nila kasalanan na nasa lansangan sila ngayon, kundi ng mga taong nang-iwan sa kanila,” he told this writer. He believes PEPPS has a lot of charity events lined up for them.

Caring for the street kids is necessary, Raven said. Unlike them, most of us have families to take care of us.

Born to an OFW father and a housewife mom, Raven has only one sibling left — a younger brother. They were supposedly three but his sister died at birth.

“When I was nine, my father told me to join the Knights of the Blessed Sacrament. That paved a way for me to learn valuable things in life,” the hunk added. “I am also surrounded by a community of good people in Mabalacat as well as in Holy Angel University.”

We managed to secure some unpublished photos from Raven. Here are a few cute snaps you’ll see only here at ElysPlanet.Info. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Raven Lansangan cutest

Yes, Raven maybe cutest when he was still young but anyone can easily tell he loves being shirtless, right?

Raven Lansangan cutest

Look up was first introduce by Raven. Don’t ask me for proofs. Yes, this is the cutest proof ever!

Raven Lansangan cute photo

Surrounded by good people, Raven would soon become a pageant king. And ohh! The dimples!

Raven Lansangan toddler

Why so serious, man?

Raven Renz Lansangan - shorts

Years after, Raven gave us this shirtless post – shorts

Raven Renz Lansangan swimwear

Yet another sexy post from Raven. Kaya pa, guys?

Asked on how he maintains good health and good outlook in life, Raven said, “I give myself enough time to rest, remain physically active through exercise, and most importantly, a lot of ‘God-time’ through prayers.”

With that we will end this post with a simple prayer: for Raven to stay humble and awesome, and win the second Mister International title for the Philippines. Believe us when we promise this is not the last article you will read about him in this blog.

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  1. Dino Tiglao says

    And also, when I was carrying him (as his uncle) when he was only a toddler, while we were in a famous duty free shopping center, one guy approached us, and he asked about Raven, if he can be a model for a commercial in a Diaper brand, and that time, from then on… I thought ro myself, this young toddler has a future that belongs to him… he will become famous one day…. and so he is right now…

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