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Movie Review: ‘4 Days’ featuring Mikoy Morales, Sebastian Castro

4 Days Movie at QCinema

ADOLFO ALIX’S ‘4 DAYS‘ featuring Mikoy Morales and Sebastian Castro takes viewers to the lives of college dorm mates and ‘best friends’ who fell in love with each other but tried to remain in the closet.

Mikoy plays the role of Mark, whose love and confusion grows bigger each day since he saw Derek (Sebastian) for the first time. Mark falls in love with Derek while the latter changes girlfriends every now and then. They soon acknowledged the love between them, through a beautiful ‘Ketchup’ analogy you’ll all love but they are only lovers within the corners of their dorm room, so the conflicts. The film’s story highlights only four days, every Valentine’s day of each year, in the college lives of Mark and Derek.

4 Days Movie Mikoy Morales

The film explores the beauty of first love, the conflicts associated with the closeted gay love, and the world between them through the eyes of Mark, focusing on his pain, his agony, his confusion, and his needs for validation.

What I love most about this film is its sensitivity to feelings, and how it makes viewers feel pain in a very painful manner — through long silence, unconventional shots, and playful camera focus in most parts.

Sebastian plays his part as a lover exuding good camera presence and a fantastic chemistry with Mikoy. His role suited well for him.

To say Mikoy is believable is an understatement. It is seldom that an actor involves viewers in every step of the way as he goes through his journey but Mikoy successfully did. We were Mark. We are Mark. All throughout the film.

The film is about Mark as it is about Mikoy. What ‘4 Days’ lacked in mixing the beautiful flavors of first love as it is too obsessed with zooming in to the inner conflicts in almost all frames, it generously gives through the sound tracks. Some of which are original compositions of Mikoy himself. Then add to it the great aerial views of UP Diliman. You’ll have a great love experience.

Just in case you don’t know it yet, Mikoy is among the finest products of GMA Network’s reality search ‘Protege’ in 2012. In ‘4 Days’, Mikoy didn’t only showcase his acting power but his artistry in music as well. He’ll definitely make it big here.

Catch ‘4 Days’ at Greenbelt 1 and Trinoma Wednesday, October 18 onwards.


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