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Enchanting El Nido and its Beautiful Beaches

Then there's the lines that fill your eyes with awesomeness. Taken from above and posted by @billnes.

EL NIDO, PHILIPPINES — ENCHANTING. Or maybe PRISTINE. Rather PERFECT. Is there really any better way to describe this tourist-magnet?

Maybe none. So we would understand should you find yourself looking for the perfect words to describe when you see this paradise. To be amazed by its limestone cliffs, crystal-clear waters, pristine and beautiful lagoons, and scenic islands is just but not a natural thing. El Nido is not among the world’s best islands to explore for nothing.

We missed returning to this paradise since 2014, when this writer’s dad passed away in 2014; and El Nido was, and always is, the perfect place to be in, being just a two hours away from Taytay town, our hometown, and where our parents used to live.

For an island boy, appreciating El Nido’s beauty wasn’t a natural thing. It was just a norm until moving to Manila in 2009. Nine years later, seeing beautiful places like El Nido becomes a moving experience. Since it will take us a few more months, or years maybe, till we pay a visit the town again as we’re busy ticking off new places from our bucket list, we decided to take an Instagram tour, and see what other people are loving about El Nido.

FIRST THE BEACHES. Its white-sand beaches scattered all through out the islands that composed the town. They speak of beauty and joy at the same time. They speak of how fantastic it is to live on Earth, the only planet where 75 percent is composed of bodies of water.

El Nido - @ic.theworld beach

We are with you in wishing you are one of those who are walking by this beautiful beach right now. Photo taken by @ic.theworld

001 El Nido - @thefreedomcomplex

Captured and posted by @thefreedomcomplex, this is the side of the island you would want to wake up to every morning.

El Nido - @sarajanebray

Well, aside from the beautiful beaches are the beautiful people that are touring El Nido such as this hunk. Nice capture, @sarajanebray!

El Nido - @rahmicekmen

Just when you think the younger years are over, @rahmicekmen let his inner child in him do the wonders. What a perfect place to be enjoying being a kid again, right?

El Nido - @travelstoriesphilippines

Ohh! That clear waters and this kind local who posted for the photo taken by @travelstoriesphilippines. We just don’t think there’s really ‘dry times’ in El Nido except this paddle boat locals use for transportation, and yes, touring the nearby islands at times. We call it “sibid” or “seabed.”

El Nido - Entulula island a_thlang

Well, aside from the fact that @a_thlang had her feet covered by the sands while taking this photo, we envy her for having a really nice shot at Entulula island, one of the featured islands when island hopping El Nido.

El Nido - manninglee1

We couldn’t believe there’s a nicer back drop when posting on a bikini than @manninglee1 had for this photo.

The town proper is best viewed atop Mount Taraw, the best mountain peak to be at while in this side of the Earth. Hiking the mountain is a must-do when visiting this island town. Local tour guides will be more than willing to bring you up there without much expense.

001 El Nido Taraw - @dsilva9999

This may not be a perfect shot but we believe @dsilva9999 were in the perfect spot for this photo. A lovely one indeed.

El Nido - @quirkyphotographs

If you were wondering how it is to be atop Taraw, this is it. We could only thank @quirkyphotographs for this aerial shot of the town proper.

SUNSETS. Who wouldn’t love them? In El Nido, sunsets speak of beautiful day that has been and asks you to expect a wonderful night ahead. If you choose to spend the night at the town proper, make sure to grab a drink or two or dine by the town proper’s main beach. There’s a lot of stories to weave while waiting for the sun to be eaten by the mountains and the seas.

001 El Nido Sunset - @wheninelnido

Just after another day of touring the tourists around, this boatman parks his boat to take a night rest. Tomorrow is indeed another day. Posted by @wheninelnido.

El Nido - gregorsnell

This is simply gorg, @gregorsnell. It was great seeing this serene state of El Nido just before nighttime.

El Nido - @ic.theworld

Sunsets are reminders that we can have some rest from time to time, and El Nido sunset are pure beauty. Let this awesome shot of @ic.theworld do the talking.

This summer, make sure to pay El Nido a visit if you haven’t been on the island. Swim in its clean waters. Hike up Taraw, and its beautiful mountains, and make its limestone cliffs as your next Instagram posts’ backdrops. 

We’re yet to post more personal posts about El Nido as it is close to our hearts. We will definitely buzz you up once we decided to have an impromptu island visit. Till our next post. Carpe Diem!

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