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Port Barton: El Dorado Resort, Beaches, and Breathtaking Sunsets

Port Barton in Palawan - @tribeadventuresph

PORT BARTON, PALAWAN — While this northern beauty is never the first choice for first time Palawan visitors, it is now more becoming popular for its beaches, waterfalls, and sunsets, especially to those who do not want crowded destinations like El Nido and Coron.

It is not unique to other Philippine destinations but the absence of high-end hotels and resorts here makes Port Barton different, and more welcoming, giving visitors close encounters with the locals.

If you are looking for luxury, Port Barton is not the place for you. It is the perfect fit for backpackers and adventurous travelers who enjoy nature, and a more relaxed atmosphere. Its beaches are among the beautiful in Palawan, mostly pristine and underdeveloped.

Port Barton, Palawan @dsilva9999

Like in any other top destinations in Palawan, Port Barton offers island hopping and other water activities but cheaper. If this view of a beautiful island taken by @dsilva9999 won’t make you swoon over the village, what would?

Port Barton - @thomito12

Meeting of two islands. Beautifully shot by @thomito12, this is what to expect when visiting Port Barton.

Port Barton - @warrencamitan

Redefine sun bathing in one of the islands here. Taken by @warrencamitan, this photo sums up how laid back life in Port Barton is.

Port Barton - @dan_boshoff - Racing turtles

Race with life no more. Instead, race with the turtles in this side of the Philippines like what @dan_boshoff is doing on this photo.

Part of the town of San Vicente, which is also now gaining admiration among travelers, resorts and inns at Port Barton are simpler, thus cheaper, but they are capable of providing safety and comfort to its guests.

When in this side of the province, we stay at El Dorado Sunset Resort, a simple locally-owned resort situated by the beach front that offers the best view of sunset here.

From Puerto Princesa City, we headed up to Port Barton one weekend and enjoyed the hospitality of El Dorado’s owner, Tita Lucy — and everything Port Barton offers. (This writer calls everyone in their 40s and up Tita/Tito when given a chance, especially if they are friends’ parents.)

Depending on one’s demand, El Dorado’s rooms are enough to give guests a comfortable night stay after a tiring day touring the islands and the attractions here.

The rooms, priced at P500 to P2,000 per room ($10-$40) are clean, and well-managed for the price but too cheap for Tita Lucy’s hospitality and care.

El Dorado Resort in Port Barton

The simple El Dorado Sunset Resort in this village is our home whenever we’re in this side of the province.

During the day, Tita Lucy and son would wake us up for breakfast, and encourage us to enjoy the rest of the day, giving tips on where to swim, what to eat, and what to enjoy in the village. We spent the days touring the surrounding islands and eating the freshest seafoods Palawan offers. By the days end, we found ourselves sitting by the beachfront watching the sunsets, if not taking photos of them. Then we’re ready for story-exchanges at night before heading for a night’s rest.

It wasn’t peak season during our visit so we managed to enjoy the resort for ourselves. We shared the nights only with a few foreigners that instantly became friends as we share stories and laughters over bottles of beers.

Port Barton Sunset - @robbie.m86

It may not be the most beautiful sunset in the world but this is the regular view in this village as taken by traveler @robbie.m86.

Port Barton - @meandering.emu

Strolling by the village proper after the day’s activities is the perfect way to send the sun home. Traveler @meandering.emu couldn’t help but admire the life and the views on her recent visit in this side of the world.

01 Port Barton Sunset - @lovelypfleider

Local resident @lovelypfleider is treated with scenes like this everyday.

Lovely Port Barton photo

This is another shot taken by my friend, @lovelypfleider as she sends the sun home. When the sun has fully set, locals gather for dinner, either in their respective homes or with the visitors.

When in Palawan, having a room with foams is too much, as beaches are good enough as beds, and hammocks are luxurious treats. Staying in El Dorado however sets the difference. Aside from providing us the room, the island beaches, and those hammocks, they gave us awesome sunsets and the feelings of safety, and being cared for while enjoying our time in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Note: This writer got a lot of friends in Port Barton. He spent some three years of his teenage life in the town of San Vicente before heading for college in Puerto Princesa City, some four hours drive away from the town. We’ve been in this village a few times in the past, and as always, Port Barton never ceases to amaze people with its beauty, serenity, and beautiful sunsets. More about Port Barton in a separate post.

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