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This Summer’s Sexiest: Derrick Monasterio

Derrick Monasterio feature

IF WE WOULD BE too hard on ourselves and would only have one celeb to choose as the sexiest each summer, we would instantly fall to the trap that is Derrick Monasterio, a devilishly sexy GMA Artist Center talent for this year.

As you all know, our heart belongs to the ever-sizzling Jak Roberto. But we believe this year is a year to cater for another one. Would you care if we’d have Derrick for a time being?

Tell us otherwise once you disagree with us that he’s not the hottest in this photo.

Derrick Monasterio hot photo

This is among the moments when you wish you’re one of the grasshoppers here. Derrick Monasterio’s hotness, people!

Well, we know Derrick as a naughty guy though we’re not in the position to talk about how naughty he could become though I’m sure everyone would love him for that. From that young boy that graced our screens from some years ago, Derrick has evolved into a young man with a beautiful face. To say his beauty is a leading man material would be of no use as it’s obvious, and he’s been tested to be another star the Kapuso network is banking on. But it is only recently that he’s given a bigger stage. From TV series to films, Derrick is on to a big break, we believe.

He’s starring in a film, ‘Almost A Love Story’ alongside award-winning actress Barbie Forteza who happens to be the real-life girlfriend of Jak Roberto. Derrick and Barbie will also star in a soap opera on GMA 7. On whether Derrick is stepping up his game in terms of acting, we are yet to see that. For now, can we just go physical?

So here we are after collecting a few of his shots that would make summer temperature rise to volcanic level. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Derrick Monasterio head shot

Aside from being tall and sexy, Derrick has one of the most beautiful faces in the showbiz industry today.

Derrick Monasterio Black and White

We have tried seeing this photo with artsy perspective. We’d understand should you find yourself looking for the ‘art’ part.

Derrick Monasterio hotness

If even swimming in the mud makes you sexy, what wouldn’t?

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