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#InstaGuam: Have a Quick Guam Getaway this 2018

Guam is one of the hottest destinations to date

ENJOYING GUAM is one thing. Sharing your moments with the world through social media is another.

This 2018, Guam’s tourism board gave birth to its travel campaign for 2018, #InstaGuam, combining two awesome ideas: showcase Guam as an instant destination, and utilize social media to share user-generated content to further promote the island.

The view of Guam's main beach from a hotel taken and shared by @tobu on Instagram

The view of Guam’s main beach from a hotel taken and shared by @tobu on Instagram

Since its Philippines’ launch in Makati on February 7, 2018, which was organized by Guam Visitors Bureau and attended by various travel stakeholders, Chamorro performers, Miss Guam 2017, Filipino actor Benjamin Alves who grew up in Guam, and the media, including this writer, the campaign is now gaining momentum online.

More and more people are sharing their moments while on vacation at this American island-territory, some 2,569 kilometers away from Manila or around 3.5 hours of air travel. Guam can also be reached from other countries in Asia and the Pacific in just three to five hours, making it an instant destination of choice even during short weekends.

Fly to Guam from Asia and the Pacific

Estimated air travel duration from some of our neighboring countries. Grab from Visit Guam website.

#InstaGuam campaign launched in the Philippines

There are three airline carriers that service Manila to Guam: the Philippine Airlines (PAL) with nightly flights, Cebu Pacific with three early morning flights, and United Airlines with evening flights from Monday to Saturday. Since it’s part of the United States of America, Filipinos may visit Guam with a valid passport and a US Visa.

During the Philippines’ fun-filled launch, the bureau gave some updates about Guam’s activities to look forward to the entire year. Benjamin Alves also shared about Guam and his life growing up on the island paradise, and his favorite spots and moments on the island. Ben, as we fondly call him, is among the thousands of Filipinos who call Guam second home, if not their first.

Filipinos compose around 26.3 percent of the population of Guam, only 11 percent below the native Chamorro at 37.3 percent. The rest of the population is composed of multiracial, white Americans, Chuukese, Korean, Chinese, Palauan, Japanese, Pohnpeian, and other nationalities.

Guam is popular as a shopping paradise for shopping on Guam is duty free. Aside from shopping however, this island offers good food choices for every food lover, including Chamorro flavors we could only taste on Guam. From beautiful mountain and seascapes to pristine beaches, Guam offers places to visit and a lot of amazing activities to try.

Guam from above - Lieana Nunez

This stunning shot of Guam from above taken by Lieana Nunez won the week’s best photo of @visitguamusa’s #InstaGuam campaign. For us however, this simply tells one thing: plan out your Guam visit now.

Sunset in Guam - @uzumakifu

Everyone loves Guam for great things including its beautiful sunsets. Shot and shared by @uzumakifu, this would surely make you visit the island this year.

For more moments, check out #InstaGuam on Instagram and Facebook. You may also visit Guam Visitors Bureaus’s Facebook page and website.

Have you been to Guam? What are your most awesome Guam moments? Care to share in the comments?

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