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That Lovable Starbucks Mobile App

Starbucks App Philippines

IT WAS NOT LONG AGO when my friend Isa and I discussed about how we loved the newly-released Starbucks App. Months later, the app has found its way to both the mobile devices and the hearts of the Filipino people, appreciating the app for the convenience it gives every coffee lover.

Simple, fast and a very convenient payment method, the app is made even better for incorporating Starbucks card and My Starbucks Rewards on our mobile devices.

Keith Cole, head of marketing at Starbucks Philippines said introducing the app to their customers in the Philippines does not only allow everyone to earn stars at the tip of their hand, it also engage people with Starbucks online.

“This is the latest Starbucks innovation which aims to provide an enhanced experience and meet customers’ needs in the digital space, while continuing to provide an exceptional experience in our stores,” says Cole.

A feature called “Shake to Pay” allows customers to shake their phones to bring up a barcode within the app that can be scanned to pay and redeem. The app is linked to My Starbucks Rewards account so balances are automatically updated whenever the app is used.

The app also keeps customers in the loop, making sure they are the first to know the newest product offerings and promos. Customers are notified whenever new messages are received on the app. Starbucks® PH App users are also in for a treat as they receive special offers and event invitations straight into their app inboxes. As an added bonus, users can also share these offers with friends through email and social media accounts.

The app also has a store locator feature making it easy to find the nearest store along with a list of other recommendations in the vicinity. Plus, there’s a menu of beverages, food options, packaged whole bean coffee, as well as seasonal offers and a newsfeed with the latest merchandise that Starbucks customers can easily explore.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you better download it now on App Store or Google Play Store.

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