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Juliana Parizcova Segovia Crowned Miss Q & A 2018 Grand Winner

Juliana Miss Q and A

JULIANA PARIZCOVA SEGOVIA is the first ever Miss Q & A grand winner after a very emotions-filled final round on ABS-CBN — and the whole Filipino TV viewers may not know it, but they’re celebrating the Pride month with the rest of the world as It’s Showtime airs today the competition live from Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

Juliana is the first ever hall of fame winner and grand finalist of the show, after her 10 consecutive winnings. Aside from the specially-made crown and trophy, Juliana also won One Million Pesos in cash, a retoke package worth 500,000 from above Aesthtics, and a trip for two to Thailand.

Coming to a close first runner-up finish is Matrica Mae Matmat Centino of Samar. She won P300,000 cash prize while Lars Pacheco of Bulacan won second runner-up, winning P200,000 cash prize.

What happened earlier? [LIVE BLOG]

The show started with a fabulous opening number with all the semi-finalists in a colorful costume, followed by the long gown competition. Also announced earlier in the competition is Marigona winning the 10th spot in the finals after garnering the most number of votes from televiewers.

Miss Q & A finalists

The 10 finalists of It’s Showtime’s Miss Q & A.

From the 10 finalists, only six ladies proceeded to the next round after the candidates answered a casual question from the board of judges and they are:

Juliana Parizcova Segovia (Pasay City)
Rianne Azares (Tarlac City)
Matrica Mae Matmat Centino (Samar)
Marigona Dona Dragusha (Las Piñas)
Lars Pacheco (Bulacan)
Elsa Droga Mendoza (Manila)

The six finalists then proceeded to the next round, ‘Debattle’ wherein the winning candidate gets the spot in the Final 3.

Given with 30 seconds each, Rianne battled against Matmat to answer the question, “Ano ang mas mahirap make-upan, Patay o Buhay” to which Rianne sided with Patay while Matmat with Buhay. Matmat won here.

The next pair, Juliana and Elsa Droga followed answering “Ano ang mas badtrip maudlot, Hatsing o Hikab” wherein Juliana defended Hikab while Elsa defended Hatsing. JULIANA won here.

The final pair Marigona and Lars debated next answering the question: “Sino ang mas matapang, si Cardo (Coco Martin) ng Ang Probinsyano o si Lakas (Enrique Gil) ng Bagani with Marigona defending Lakas and Lars defending Cardo. LARS won over Marigona.

It was such a very exciting round, and based on their performances, it’s so hard to tell who among the ladies would proceed to the next round.

The top three ladies who advanced to the final round are Matmat, Juliana, and Lars. Asked with only one question, “Para sa iyo, ano ang tanong na pinakamahirap sagutin?,” the three candidates gave different answers.

Matmat said it is why until now still only a portion (80%) of the world believe in the LGBT and elaborated her answers on that one, citing the still rampant discrimination in the world. Juliana on the other hand made her answer very personal and answered from her heart, it is about not having her mom by her side. Meanwhile, beautiful and seems composed all throughout but shaking when interviewed, Lars answered about being asked “bakit ako ganito (Why I am gay)?,” and finished her answer by stressing her individuality and the use of her successes to prove she deserves to be in the world.

After the deliberation of the board of judges that include Boy Abunda, Catriona Gray, Korina Sanchez, and Nicole Cordoves among others, Juliana was declared the first Miss Q & A grand winner!

Matmat Centeno Miss Q & A

Matmat Centeno won first-runner up.

Lars Pacheco Miss Q and A

Lars Pacheco places second runner-up!


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