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Movie Review: ‘I Love You, Hater’

I love You Hater Movie Review

DON’T EXPECT TOO much from ‘I Love You, Hater’ for it is only when doing so you’d like the film. Not in its entirety but because of its lead stars, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

Zoey (Barretto) and Joko (Garcia) are in competition to be the next assistant to media magnate Sasha (Kris Aquino), and while competing for the post, the story unfolds. Joko pretends to be gay just to win over Zoey as he needs money to support his family in the province, after making him believe he’s out in New York for a nice job.

Though directed poorly, Giselle Andres’ ‘I Love You, Hater’ enjoys several moments of greatness, especially when it involves Barretto and Garcia, some cliched scenes not included. The good chemistry between the leads, and their great acting led viewers to kilig moments and also moments of tears, this blogger included.

The peak of the film, which involves a confrontation between Zoey and Joko highlighted more the acting prowess of Barretto, and how she works really well on screen with Garcia. It was one scene to acknowledge Andres but could have made even better.

Kris Aquino on her part, though playing almost as herself, still couldn’t get it naturally, and effectively. Nevertheless, the film is not as trash as the other films (see: MMLF), even if some ad placements are obvious. Iflix. Enervon.

However, ‘I Love You, Hater’ proves that Joshua and Julia are a tandem to beat, and of course, to love by the moviegoers. Should they be given better materials, these actors could conquer an even bigger territory when it comes to Philippine cinema. And if we heard it right, they are in for a movie project with director Mikhail Red for ‘Block Z’ in 2019. Fans can only get excited.

Joshua and Julia (Joshlia) first made us believe in their tandem during MMFF 2016′ ‘Vince and Kath and James’ [Read Review Here]. It was followed by ‘I Love You to the Stars and Back,’ and ‘Unexpectedly Yours.’

Movie Rating: 6/10.

Should you watch it? Why not?

Disclaimer: I watched it along with JoshLia Squad at Fishermall. And yes, I support Joshua Garcia.

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