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New York-Based Acting Coach Anthony Bova Runs Workshop for GMA Artists

GMA Artists Gil Cuerva, Mikoy Morales

THE NEXT TWO weeks will be hectic for select GMA artists as New York-based coach for acting, Anthony Bova is back in Manila to teach the artists more about acting, and managing the busy lives as celebrities.

Talking to the press on July 16, Bova said he is always excited to work with the beautiful Filipino artists as they’re humble, talented, and easy to work with. The workshop will change the way these artists work, Bova explained.

His take is different and non-conventional, and he is concerned not only on the development of acting as a craft but how working in the limelight impact the lives of these artists. He wants his participants to work as humans with physical limitations but with depth, and flexible enough to be able to adapt to the nature of the very demanding, and more often than not, stressful career, the acting coach said.

Bova is known for his fantastic job as a coach for New-York A-listers as well as with the executives of Fortune 500 companies.

Among the artists who undergo the workshop present during the press conference held at the 17th floor of the GMA Network Center in Quezon City are Mikoy Morales, Benjamin Alves, Andrea Torres, Chynna Ortaleza-Cipriano, Thea Tolentino, and Gil Cuerva — they are all praises to Bova and are happy to be doing this workshop with him.

Morales said the workshop has helped him change the way he looks at his craft, and is helping him see the world on a different perspective, to which other actors agree. For Ortaleza-Cipriano, what she learned from the workshop she’s able to apply not only in doing her job as an actress but also as a mom and a wife.

IN PHOTO (Featured) are acting coach Anthony Bova (middle) and co-teacher Ana Feleo with GMA artists Mikoy Morales, Gil Cuerva, Andrea Torres, Chynna Ortaleza-Cipriano, Benjamin Alves. With them is GMA network executive Gigi Santiago-Lara. – Photo by ELYSPLANET.PH

More about the press conference on the videos below:


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