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Real-Life Karibal? Miguel Tanfelix ditched Bianca Umali for Kyline Alcantara

Bianca and Kyline friends no more

FRIENDS NO MORE. The rivalry of young Kapuso actresses Bianca Umali and Kyline Alcantara goes beyond their characters in the highly-rated primetime Kapuso series, ‘Kambal, Karibal.’ The actresses are reportedly not in good terms because of 19-year-old actor Miguel Tanfelix, their leading man in the series, and Bianca’s long-time onscreen partner, and real-life boyfriend.

The three lead stars have been the subject of blind items recently for the tension on the set of the show, a very reliable source who refused to be named told ELYSPLANET.PH.

The source confirmed that Miguel and Bianca have broken up already early this month. The cause of the break up? “Third party,” the source added — and it’s none other than Kyline, a new Kapuso recruit from the Kapamilya network, ABS-CBN.

Kambal Karibal stars Bianca Umali, Miguel Tanfelix, and Kyline Alcantara

In the height of the success of GMA Network’s ‘Kambal, Karibal,’ BiGuel is currently in the middle of the storm as longtime screen partner and real-life sweethearts Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix has reportedly parted ways. Miguel ditched Bianca for rival in the series, Kyline Alcantara.

Despite the rumors, the actors neither deny nor confirm the issue during recent press interviews. However, it is now an accepted fact on the set of ‘Kambal Karibal,’ according to our source.

Bianca is devastated about it as she used to believe her relationship with Miguel was getting stronger as the years go by, especially that ‘BiGuel’ (Bianca-Miguel) love team is one of the strongest love teams in the Kapuso network.

The network is actually grooming ‘Biguel’ as a power duo, and gave a lot of good projects for the couple plus the fact that their fan base is getting bigger and bigger as the years pass by.

Bianca Umali instagram post about the break up

This was posted by Bianca on her instagram account on July 7. Can you read between the lines?

Pending admission from the ones involved, who is to blame now that this had happened? Is it Miguel for not being faithful to her Bianca, and for getting smitten by the bubbly, beautiful Kyline? Is it Bianca for being too clingy (the sources said) to Miguel to the point that the boy feels like he deserves better treatment from someone else? Or is it Kyline for getting in to the picture even after knowing Miguel and Bianca are real-life couple, aside from Bianca is her co-actress, and a “friend”?

What will happen after this? Will Biguel remain the same or this will cause a birth of another love team? Or this is just a marketing gimmick for the show as it is now on its last weeks? What are your thoughts, folks? Let us know in the comments.

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