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Gloria, Nancy, Imee, and More! Fashion Sense at the #SONA2018

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo #SONA2018

AS MUCH AS we don’t want to take this road in terms of the annual State of the Nation Address (SONA), the past SONAs are too entertaining not to post about entertainment and fashion, and yes, the fashion sense of our government officials as they serve as clappers in today’s show of the year, courtesy of Berdugo president, Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Uhmm, before anything else, the featured photo is to honor the plunder who is sooo back, former president and now Pampanga representative, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. She just took the position of Pantaleon Alvarez. GMA is Speaker of the House, my friends. No, we are not gonna comment about her fashion sense anymore.

Honestly, we are short of words to describe today’s #SONA2018 so we opted to borrow @oldrichofmanila’s words, which he posted on Twitter the night before the big event:

The thieves, traitors, and murderers are ready to parade in their designer Filipiniana attire tomorrow. All cleaned up, and fully made up, no sign of blood on their hands. And the Filipinos will marvel at the glamour of it all. Los Filipinos pobres! 😔 #SONA2018.

There is however a sign of blood in the dress of Ilocos representative Imee Marcos. As @JRDCastillo24 pointed out:



Before you go beast mode with that one, take a look at our favorite Senator especially if memes to be considered. This lady doesn’t fail us, right? For today’s event, Nancy goes with a simple light blue dress, and yes, matched with the carpet. How beautiful. And yes, we are starting to love her humor.

Nancy Binay at SONA 2018

Nancy Binay at SONA 2018

Vice President Lani Robredo and her kids showcase simple dresses while actor Monsour Del Rosario is shown in Barong with wife showcased a nice black dress. No, we are not thinking of any funerals here, except maybe of the Philippine republic should these lawmakers push for the Federal Government as this administration has been wanting to push. For as wrote it (and we don’t say they’re correct), “Leaving aside the conspiracy theories (about the extension of Digong’s term), a federal form of government, if enacted, will likely prove a bane rather than a boon for the country. Federalism may end up only reinforcing socio-economic and ethno-political fault lines in an already divided archipelagic nation.”

VP Lani Robredo at SONA 2018

VP Lani Robredo and kids at the #SONA2018

Monsour Del Rosario at SONA 2018

We got some pretty faces though. This include Heart Evangelista, wife of Senator Chiz Escudero who actually looks better without the former by his side. Oooopps! We mean no harm.

Fashion de Sona 2018 - Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista for the #SONA2018

For the class picture? This one wins. Senator Villar as the homeroom advisor gave us a good laugh.

We are still updating this post. Feel free to tweet us

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