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MMFF 2018 Review: ‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’

The Girl in the Orange Dress

WITH A VERY limited time to watch movies more so to write reviews (so expect ours to be straight to the point and short) these days, we got to choose a very few films to watch from the selection of eight featured films competing at the Metro Manila Film Festival or MMFF this 2018. Our first to watch is Jericho Rosales and Jessy Mendiola’s ‘The Girl in the Orange Dress,’ not because this is the ultimate choice but because we wanted to spend Christmas Day light-hearted and a little romantic but not too trashy. You know what I mean.

To our surprise, ‘The Girl in the Orange Dress‘ exceeded our expectation. Not that we expected too little but it’s kinda good. Say, 6/10. The movie is not without flaws but it is very simple, close to reality, and not too cheesy compared with other romantic comedy films these days. It’s not melodramatic but rather funny, and pinches the heart softly, enough for viewers to maybe shed a tear at one point, then hold back, only to put out some laughters again.

Jericho Rosales is as charming as always. With his recent MMFF’s Best Actor win, Jericho is set to compete again this year with the portrayal of his role. With Jessy Mendiola whom we expected less however, this girl in the orange dress flaunted her pretty face with simplicity and enchantment, and pulled off her character very well. Chemistry wasn’t oozing with the two but it works best in almost all scenes. Below trailer would be a good start if you plan to watch the movie.

Watching ‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’ is good enough to kick off our movie marathon this year. Despite our very low expectations from the entries, we only hope we could survive watching at least four movies, if not all. Next on our watchlist is Anne Curtis-starrer Aurora, and hopefully two more films, depending on schedule. Reviews about the other films later this week.


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