About Us

I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years now. Ely’s Planet has started as a blog of then starting community journalist, Ely Valendez, and now a full-pledged blogging journalist, and a licensed Financial Consultant.

We have published thousands of lifestyle, entertainment, and travel stories, among others here, until our site was hacked late 2015. So we tried retrieving things but to no avail. It was very upsetting but there was no other way but start again not for myself but for our followers, readers, partners, most of whom were strangers that eventually became friends.

We promise to be as critical as always, in all things that we write because we believe that’s blogging is all about. Ely’s Planet exists because there are people out there who dare to speak their minds out without fear, and without the need to conform with the norms. We respect other people’s opinion, so respect ours. Together, let us provide the online world the sense it may be lacking today.




  1. Denise says

    Good evening, Mr. Ely! I just want to ask if you ever do a blog about a theater play and not just a review? It could also be both – blog first then review after. Just asking because in case you do blog anything related to theater, you would be a big help to our production team that will currently showcase a play. Further details will be told once I get a reply. Thank you and God bless! 🙂


    • @elysplanet says

      Hello Denise, yes I do. Please send details to eliseovalendez@gmail(dot)com. Thanks!


  2. Kim Generalao says

    I am Kim from PurpleBug Inc., a digital marketing company. I would like to inquire regarding your rate card for sponsored posting.

    We would like to have a partnership with you for a pet grooming product. Also, the company is hoping for an ex-deal partnership. In exchange of your sponsored posting, the company is very much willing to give out one year of supply of pet grooming products.

    Should you have any questions or clarifications, you can reach me via email at kim.generalao@purplebug.net. We are looking forward for your prompt response.

    Thank you!

    Best Regards


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