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When Coffee Meets Ice Cream it’s Kismet: Starbucks Reserve® brings the perfect coffee and ice cream pairing

OKAY, THIS SOUNDS very cheesy but you’d agree with us when we say opposites make perfect combinations, and this holds true for the unique pairing of ice cream and coffee. Both are well-loved: Coffee has always been seen as a comforting, warm drink while ice cream is known as an indulgent, cool dessert — when put together, it’s like fate, the results are bound to be something wonderful. Delightful fusions are now making their way to select Starbucks Reserve® stores, as the global coffee brand now offers its first ice cream and coffee pairings. The new exciting and delectable coffee with ice cream lineup is part of Starbucks continuous efforts to further elevate the coffee experience for their customers, thoughtfully crafting beverages that amaze with every sip. The roster of coffee-based ice cream beverages includes the Classic Affogato, the House Affogato, the Cold Brew and the Nitro Cold Brew Float, and the Cold Brew Malt. Starbucks provides a premium coffee experience, transporting its customers to the cafes of Italy with a staple dessert – the …

Starbucks Celestial Siren collection 2018

Get a Hand at Starbucks Celestial Siren-Themed Anniversary Collection

Ever since Starbucks opened its doors in 1971, the Siren has been the brand’s enduring logo that invites customers inside its stores across the world. Today, even as the smiling Starbucks barista hands over your handcrafted beverage, you see the iconic image at the center of the cup, a symbol that promises not just great coffee but also great moments of connection.