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Chop Chop Restaurant Bintan Lagoon Resort Indonesia

A Taste of China at Bintan Lagoon Resort’s ‘Chop Chop’

BINTAN ISLAND, INDONESIA — Since no one gets crucified by simply going directly to the kitchen upon arriving home, we always try and go scathe free. We did another visit to Bintan Lagoon Resort early this year, our favorite next stop whenever we visit Singapore, as it is only an hour ferry-ride away from Singapore. After putting our luggages down, we went straight to this kitchen they called ‘Chop Chop.’

5 Must Try Restaurants in Guam

EACH DAY OF EXPLORING in a great destination like Guam can be very tiring so to look for energy-giving, palate-satisfying foods is a natural thing to do. There are definitely a lot of restaurants that offer not too familiar dishes for every visitor. And in our own little efforts, we listed five restaurants to consider while spending your vacation in this island territory.