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5 Must Try Restaurants in Guam

EACH DAY OF EXPLORING in a great destination like Guam can be very tiring so to look for energy-giving, palate-satisfying foods is a natural thing to do. There are definitely a lot of restaurants that offer not too familiar dishes for every visitor. And in our own little efforts, we listed five restaurants to consider while spending your vacation in this island territory. Advertisements

001 Latte of Freedom

7 Amazing Things You Can Only Find in Guam

GUAM IS CONSIDERED as the most exotic destination in the whole of America. Located in the Pacific Ocean’s northwestern part, it is one of the five territories with established American civilian government. As of 2015, the territory has a population of more than 160,000. Though very small in number, the people of Guam have a lot of reasons to be proud of. Some of them are listed on this post.

Best Places to Visit in Guam

MORE THAN duty free shopping and its wide array of great beaches, Guam is a very interesting place to be especially this summer. For the Filipinos, Guam has become all the more popular just recently through Guam Visitors Bureau’s strong partnership with the media, bloggers, and travelers alike. That’s of course aside from the fact that Guam is home to a number of Filipinos already.