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10 Exciting Things to Do in Africa

THE SECOND BIGGEST continent is more than just vast desserts, animal fur, and precious minerals like diamond. A giant land mass surrounded with a few water attractions, this 30,220,000 square-kilometer continent is home to many must-visit attractions sites, and offer must-try activities for every wanderer. The world is indeed full of wonders and more than what the Americas, Europe and Asia could offer, here are a few exciting things to do and sites to visit in Africa. 1. Visit the pyramids of Egypt and other historical sites. In case you forgot about it, man’s evolution started in Africa. The Egyptians who built the impressive pyramids were already enjoying civilization more than 5,000 years ago. Aside from monuments and tombs, you can also visit the magnificent paintings in southern African caves and know about our bi-pedal ancestors in Tanzania’s Oldupai Gorge. 2. Attend Gerewol and other festivals. Many countries in Africa don’t accept and tolerate homosexuality. However, it’s interesting that there is a festival about male beauty contest in Niger. The Gerewol Festival is when male …