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Is Summer 2016 Too Hot? Try Checking Out GMA’s Jak Roberto

IT HAS BEEN the hottest summer to date, the weather brings us this steamy, uncomfortable feeling. But, I guess you’ll agree with me that not all that’s hot is negative, not everything that makes us feel steamy, and well, yeah, uncomfortable, is a no-no. Take for example the hot and young, talented male actors in the local entertainment industry.

For sure, there’s a handful of names in your list, though the one we’ll get to know in this article might just outshine them and make every bone in your body turn into jelly. We’re talking about no other than, Kapuso’s very own, Jak Roberto.

Jak Roberto Shirtless on Instagram

Immediately after posting this photo on his Instagram account, it has become the hottest topic in various Facebook groups, and on Twitter. Yes, Jak has just got people’s attention as easy as that.

Jak, born as Jan Rommel Osuna Roberto is one of the most sought after heartthrob in the GMA network. We first met Jak during the bloggers’ conference for the GMA show, ‘With A Smile’ in 2013, and from then on, he has become one of our ultimate favorite celebrities at the Kapuso network. I remember telling one of our friends in the network that with that handsome face and manly aura, they could grow him as one of the network’s leading men.

Yes, it took us almost three years to feature him ‘solo’ on this blog, but do you think it’s worth the wait? Jak has definitely become the man he is right now, though we believe that the best is yet to come.

A short tete-a-tete with the actor recently (wherein he showed us his abs without hesitations), Jak revealed that he is excited to experience bigger things in his career in the coming years as projects have started coming in. Jak is set to star in GMA’s afternoon soap, “Hanggang Makita Kang Muli” opposite Kim Rodriguez.

Jak Roberto Abs - 2016

We didn’t ask him twice. Jak Roberto shows us his abs during our recent meet up. You are welcome.

In the most recent past, we saw Jak try his luck in singing via 3Logy, a three-male singing group, together with equally appealing Jeric Gonzales and Abel Estanislao. You may wanna catch them in one of their gigs should their schedule permits.

But then, if you’ve seen him on the ramp with that 6 packs of his, you’ll never doubt and wonder why a wider and more promising future ahead of him in showbiz is currently materializing. The view of gays and gals in awe, and shouting for more when he strut his sexy body for the first time at Cosmo Bash in 2014 is still vivid in our eyes. Who would blame them?

Jak Roberto Shirtless on Instagram Beach

Jak’s hotness is not only confined on the catwalk, the beach is definitely one big runway for him. And us? His audience who loves every bit of him.

But Jak is not just that sexy bod, macho man, boy-next-door face that you’d want to sit with and chat in the bar. He’s got immense talent. He has proven with his awe-strucking portrayals in a couple of indie films that he’s been a part of such as the 36th Fantasporto International Film Festival award-winning film, “Laut” with Barbie Forteza bagging the Best Actress title, not to mention equally brilliant performance from Rodjun Cruz, Boobay, and Gabbi Garcia.

Jak also filmed another indie with him as the lead character. “Tibak” is a story about the youth and student movement in the times of Martial Law, wherein he plays the role as the young Prof. Jose Maria Sison. This probably paints a more concrete image that Jak isn’t only always about strutting his half-naked body on the catwalk, but also sharing his talent through socially-relevant films like this one. “Tibak” is set to hit local theaters this quarter.

Don’t fret though if this lead-starring movie is not up for show yet, because you can get enough of this hotshot through his regulars like “Sunday Pinas Saya” and “Hanggang Makita Kang Muli” as Elmo.

Success in one’s showbiz career takes time and those names that takes long before it fades passed a rough, but sure path to stardom. That’ll probably how Jak’s path is being paved. Steady, but sure–and by the looks of it, he’s getting there. His career is the planned, worked-for type and not the one-time-big-time sorta.

You go, Jak, keep up the good, hard work!

Jak Roberto White Shirt

Wait, wait! If you think, he is only sexy when shirtless, think again. This photo of this hot hunk taken a year ago is one of his sexiest for this blogger. Would you blame me for that? I don’t blame you. You are welcome!

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