About Us

ELYSPLANET.PH is Ely’s Lifestyle & Entertainment site while TRAVELMORE.PH is a collection of both our personal travel stories as well as well-researched guide and tips useful for every wanderlust out there. Now that we only maintain one site due to hectic schedules, we retain this blog — for stories about our travels, and others.

Unlike other known bloggers, we did not leave anything yet to travel the world with a back pack. We are based in Manila and travel around from time to time, and we are hoping to be of help to anyone reading this blog.

We are fond of luxurious travels but we are okay with budget travels as well. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages but what is important are the lessons learned in each and every escapade.

Behind this site are individuals who are traveling the world, one destination-at-a-time.

We are open for hotel reviews, sponsorship, and product review collaboration. Shoot us an email at elyvalendez@gmail.com.

Carpe Diem.


Kim and Ely