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‘Love You To The Stars and Back’: Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto Treat Fans With New Film

JOSHUA GARCIA AND JULIA BARRETTO are all set to abducting us once more with their new film, ‘Love You To The Stars and Back’ set to open in theaters on Wednesday, August 30.

We first loved this tandem when they captured our hearts with their stellar performances during the Metro Manila Film 2016 with their entry, ‘Vince and Kath and James’ with Ronnie Alonte (read our review here). From then on, we expected Joshua and Julia to become household names. And they did not fail to deliver. Their chemistry and partnership went on to making Filipino viewers happy. We are hoping it to continue this new film.

Love You To The Stars and Back Movie Poster

Directed by Antoinette Jadaone, the one behind hit romantic comedy films, ‘That Thing Called Tadhana,’ ‘English Only Please,’ ‘You’re My Boss,’ and ‘Walang Forever,’ among others, ‘Love You To The Stars and Back’ is about Caloy (Joshua) and Mika (Julia)’s road trip to love.

Jadaone said in one interview the young actors are “real actors” who could really deliver. “They’re not trying to be cute or just playing around. As young lovers Caloy and Mika, they even made me cry on the set during two heavy scenes. That’s a big factor.”

“I’m so proud of them,” Jadaone added. “Nag-shine silang mabuti nang hindi nila sinasadya. And one did not outdo the other.”

The trailer does not show much but the chemistry between the two stars is enough to make us want to see the film on its opening day. Our review about this film before the month ends.


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